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  1. watered down undead traits to make a player race would be reasonable. however, it would help if there was a node specifically for targeting X race & triggering Y reaction9like in exile 3 with the surface kitties leaving you alone or letting you pass if you have 1 in the party. I don't think that exists, but I could be wrong. either way it should so be included in the system.
  2. Game balance is important, but incompatible with legacy material. 1 or the other must go. Of course a just using a 2nd app for legacy scenarios is okay by me, though dual options in 1 app is better. The real pain's adding new stuff & balancing the old. The improved game could use better balance & more than 3 playable races. Of course races are just mechanics, a look, & what your mind wants them to be, so not quite as impacting as attack-able terrain, being able to fight on a boat, or having more character graphics.
  3. Even with a life, 5 years is a long time to work on a project... How close to being done is it?
  4. That thing's still not done?! How many freaking years has been under development?!
  5. Quick question: Who's planning to do what with the BoE source code?
  6. I don't know crap about C++, but between me and TGO(assuming he doesn't end up in space with his buick or get thrown in jail... again...), we could possibly do something spiffy cool with this, even though, historically, neither of us have ever done anything that even vaguely resembles useful or cool, let alone a combination of the two. So the real question is: Does anyone know where I can get a good(and/or free) compiler for OS 9? And, more importantly, for that matter PC? EDIT: Cause if there's anything that my programming experience with BASIC and JAVA has taught me is that you can code anything if you have enough of the right well-commented out examples to steal from.
  7. But they won't become the standard if no one buys them.
  8. JtD


    Um, shouldn't this be in the Tech Support section?
  9. Yeah. Why do people bother with such posts. You can't unregister. And there's no point in it. Simply go away and never return and will never give you a second thought. Just don't make an "I'm leaving" topic before you go, so you don't further waste Spiderweb server space and bandwidth.
  10. When I created the Lone Flame account, I had tried to create it on my Aol email account. However, I could not because someone had already created an account with that name. Anywayz. I was wondering if someone could PM me the name of the account that uses the email address "TreyMars@aol.com". If that could be done, then that would be okay. If not, oh well.
  11. I have no idea, but... One requirement is to be not annoying... Another is to not be me. And another is to follow the CoC. As for actually becoming a Mod... The have fixed elections whenever they need a new one. Basically it goes something like this... Mod 1: Is he/she someone likeable? Mod 5:Who cares?!? Mod 3: Yeah, that person's a friend of mine. Mod 2: Good enough. We now have another mod. All Mods: Yay! -Or something like that...
  12. They're off doing some serious Skribbane while listening to some Stone Temple Pilots songs and watching fullscreen iTunes visuals.
  13. Good point. Death to the Gremlin! *LF laughs evily, until the CIA and FBI shoot him a few times.
  14. If someone actuallyput Bush in the movie, it would have to be Hawthorne. After all both are idiots that have gotten or will get themselves killed.
  15. Guys are destroying the earth! But women are doing a nice job helping.
  16. You mean someone actually had the patience to beat that thing?!!?
  17. at the very least it would save money on actors.
  18. I'd be SsssTsss(SP?) Slith King, later killed by humans. Yeah I know it's pathetic, but a fun role none the less. Ben Affleck can play Hawthorn. Cause Affleck's evil. That and he sucks at being a super hero. Ben's buddy Matt can be the king of exile. I can't remember the king's name, but you know what I'm talking about.
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