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  1. Does this include the outdoors limit that doesn't allow you to have over 100 areas? So now we can make an entire planet! Or two! Then we can make a scenario that has 1,694,385,195 by 96,255,100 so when someone plays it, their computer will blow up! Go team MTTDTW!! -Kynjaka, who is temporarily insane.
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    Originally Posted By: Karoka So, is the universe infinite? We can't say yes because if it was, we would just keep going with the answer still a unknown to us forever. We can't say no because we've never even gotten close to the edge of the universe if it were the case. So the correct answer is: WHO KNOWS?! EDIT: Rowen does.
  3. I was wondering if it were possible to change 'Shoots arrows (dam 2-12)' and 'Good archer (dam 7-42) to simply something like 'Archery' and have a custom amount of damage done. It would leave an empty spot for something else to be put into it.
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