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  1. Quote: Originally written by Ephesos: You Geneforge/A4 vets are spoiled. Back in the day of the Trilogy, back when it was a proper trilogy, we had one attack frame and we liked it. Ha. Back in my day, we didn't even have attack animations and we walked through solid cavewood doors. :Edit: Hmmm. I forgot there was a second page. Oh well.
  2. Ignore Aran (root). He's just making a bad joke at your expense.
  3. That's right. It's a sleep wand. And so monsters get unlimited wand uses. Grrr. ah well. My nephil will survive somehow. :Edit: So I loaded and killed the mage in one hit. Gah.
  4. Wow, thanks a lot ginger. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to beatup goblins for a while. I've just never had this problem and it's really annoying. Can't mages cast more than one spell? Seriously, dude. Use a fireball or something. I guess the mage was just trying to make me sleep until I died.
  5. Is there any way to edit what spells monsters can cast? Specifically the Thug Mage? I'm playing singleton A3 and as I was raiding the Brigand Lair in Upper Avernum, I was cornered by a mage thug and he zapped me with sleep. Over and over and over. I had to ctrl alt del to quit the game. Now, I don't mind the sleep effect, but this was freaking annoying. Any help?
  6. Huzzah! I'm happy to hear about the right button mouse thing. And if the movement thing gets fixed too I'll be so umm, happy!
  7. Quote: Originally written by Synergy: Has anyone else been having this "movement problem"? Yes. It seems like everyone has this problem. This is really frustrating for me because I hate using the keyboard for Avernum and Geneforge. Moving with the mouse in N:R makes me dizzy. And the RMB look thing might just have been an oversight. Is there an easy way to fix this?
  8. There's also Port Townsend in Washington. I was there!
  9. Buy Nethergate and click on the link posted in Synergy's post. Do it now.
  10. Are those the same as the original E1 graphics?
  11. By upgraded graphics, do you mean Avernums graphics? Just checking. And I have the original Exile graphics and I think I could send them to you. That's not breaking any rules is it?
  12. Why can't you talk to Erika about Athron? You have to go see her first before visiting Athron.
  13. I agree Slarty. Everyone should stop posting piffle nonsense. Oh, and hello Maledictis !
  14. Quote: Originally written by 10 Minutes to Webster: I just finished a Nethergate game with 6 characters. It gets really awkward in tight spaces, and nigh impossible to run away from dangerous rooms. Still, I'm excited to hear that the starting position will be different! And the new Nephil and Slith graphics will be good.
  15. I usually join two or all three. Then I kill everyone.
  16. Quote: Originally by Emperor Tullegolar: Quote: Oh, Rentar! Say it isn't so! Who could ever fill the void left in my heart? Barzahl. Barzahl could fill another void as well. On to a more serious matters, Will we be able to move diagonally in the boats? And isn't Solberg like 120 now or something? How long do wizards live for?
  17. Huzzah! I'm pretty excited and the fancy skills sound awesome.
  18. The Shaper of the Year is: You! Sorry, it had to be said.
  19. Fyora of course. Well, Cryoa to be exact. That'd be really cool. I'd go with the old graphic though.
  20. Trajkov for me as well. That whole human/servile rights thing is so sexy. And I don't really remember who anyone else is.
  21. What's this? Something Tyran didn't know about Nethergate? I didn't think it was possible!
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