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  1. If you have a PC the Exile I & II music run with WinAmp but not windows media player. That might help someone.
  2. From what I've read, having a ROM of something you don't own in a hard copy is illegal. Unless it has been released buy the company. I may be wrong however. Most of my experence in emulating is with Mac ROMs. And that too is a grey area.
  3. Duh! It's a secret room! Of course it has something special about it!
  4. There should be another copy of the book in Lucindia's house. That's where I got mine from.
  5. There is no new cave after I talked to the Efreet.
  6. I have several questions: Where is the beast the effreet wants me to kill (mandahl accent), What is the crystal color sequence in the alien bunker, and in the lost lab place( withe the machine I have to look at), how do I make the barrel full of liquid turn hard? I've looked at the lyceum but can't find the answers.
  7. Can some one e-mail me the little black & white pics that go with the stat info for A3? And for BoA, the b&w and the colored opening pic, too? They messed up my computet and I don't want to download them again. I have a PC and my e-mail is andraste65@aol.com Thanks!
  8. Ill ask my question again. In fort Nether, where do you find a white candle?
  9. I'll test your game when I'm done with AC3. Like that's gonna happen. andraste65@aol.com
  10. What I want to know is Why can't you go through the portal? That would instantly make a sequel.
  11. I think it would be neat if there was a sequel. It can take place after the magic left and the Celts (your party) went through the gate. It dosen't seem fair that your magic leaves and you can't go with the faries.
  12. Spirit spell are by far the best. And the neather spells don't do that much I think. And ther cost alot.
  13. I like the celts better. I mean the Romans(I'm studying about them in History) are just there to destroy and plunder(In my opinion). Anyway, the celts are just cooler.
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