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  1. About the side quests: I've just finished Chapter 1 and had 7/8 quests, don't remember the other quest counter. Main problem for me is keeping track of the many quests, since for most of them you have to run around the whole area looking for clues and halfway through I forget which quest I'm supposed to be doing I don't think it's an issue, if anything it's better than having short sidequests limited to one small area and getting them done in 5 min. I do have one question, which bothered me from the start: How come the newbie scouts/adventurers are fluent in Ancient Bahsikaavan? The original scouts were the only ones who learned it via Mind Crystals in Bahssikava, yet suddenly everyone in the expedition knows it. Did the homeland sliths who joined the expedition bring books or teachers, or did the expedition memebers somehow re-use the mind crystals? Edit: ok I'm not sure which language the homeland sliths use, I assume it's ancient bahssikavan since you can understand the homeland sliths in previous scenarios because of learning the language beforehand.. or am I getting something wrong here?
  2. ... Well, at least now I know how it ends. After reading the ending pop-up window, I still don't know if I could have done anything else, like burning documents about Putidus' plans. There were also some doors in the castle I couldn't open - one (difficulty 200) in the room where Faustulus can be found, and the one behind the throne room that's apparently "totally" barred.
  3. Hello, Kelandon! About the end fight: I've used a slightly overpowered 2-slith party, since I didn't read the readme and have ignored the pop-up warning. Could it be this could mess up the boss fight dialogue, if the 3rd or 4th party member needs to be present to say something? Since it's a relatively short scenario, I'll have time to replay it soon, and with a recommended party.
  4. Warriors with Assassination and Lethal Blow are most effective vs the enemies there, also since priests are necessary for heals and buffs, I'd suggest having two warrior priests as 2-pc party. Bigger parties are better in my opinion, because you have access to more utility skills, like Arcane/Nature Lore, Tool Use, etc.. Anyway, I couldn't play Bahss without Blessing and Radiant Shield spells or at least one warrior using Assassination and Lethal Blow. I found ranged weapons pretty ineffective, since even enemy spellcasters have a ton of HP. What you need is something to protect your party while having sources of heavy damage. Also - Cloud of Blades makes priests very potent vs high HP enemies! Mages aren't bad, in fact summons and Arcane Shield are very useful, although damaging spells (thinking of Fireblast) do their job, they cost too much to use all the time.Can't remember how useful utility mage spells are in Bahss atm..
  5. I'd very much like to test play it, but I can't provide any insight into technical stuff. But I'm happy to look for bugs and inconsistencies and such! Since it's an incomplete scenario, are there any technicalities involved in making it work (be playable)? EDIT Just saw there is actually a beta testing thread 🤦
  6. Hello, it's been a while since last post here, but it seems like the only thread relevant to Lord Putidus' ending so I'll put my question here. I'm having trouble winning the scenario. Whatever I tried to do, I always die in the last fight. I know this forum is quite inactive, but perhaps a BoA enthusiast is still lurking here now and then and could help me with this In the meantime, I'll explore the castle areas in hopes of finding something to break the cycle, but after already doing just that for an hour, I'm not very optimistic (which is the reason for this lengthy post). Also Kelandon's pink and pretty site seems to have vanished, so I can't consult it for additional information.
  7. Visuals Much effort seems to have been put into town design and the outdoor area, and what I particularly liked was how efficiently compact the outdoors were - no need to spend a lot of time traveling huge distances between points of interest. Nice visual effects of spells or other special actions in cutscenes were pleasant eye-candy. Custom graphics were also nice to see. 9/10 for the looks. Combat Difficult, but rewarding. Killing the uber wizard using lasers was a great feeling, and bosses having various special abilities and weaknesses made it all the more interesting. I did not use the item-spells overmuch as I prefer the existing system, except vs bosses where necessary. Then again, my party was overpowered to begin with. Omitting the item-spells and having combat work with vanilla spells/abilities would be make it more fun for me, because as it is, I needed to pick up every item-spell I stumbled upon because I didn't know what it did or if its use would be mandatory later on. Item-spells would be much better if they had detailed descriptions and their SP cost toned down (some, at least). Main plus about combat is that it didn't feel too tedious and boring. 7/10 combat. Writing and plot Oh boy this is where it all goes to dirt. Character and location names, item-spells, dialogues; it all seemed incredibly silly to me. Several times I've re-read some lines, hoping to pierce the meaning of the sentences themselves, but failed. It was either the sentence structure, weird flow of the dialogue or some outright random heap of words, which made me not care in the end. So many German inspired names, and then some Japanese out of nowhere, haha! The plot was really bizarre, to say the least. I wasn't even surprised when the party just got randomly murdered in a cutscene. As people before have said, and what bothered me much as well, is forcing the PCs into author's own choices, opinions/ramblings like it does, which bothered me greatly. Riddled with plot holes and clearly unfinished, overall, writing and plot are 2/10 in my case. A visually pleasant scenario, technically advanced, but extremely confusing to the point of bizarre. Were it not for the effort involved into it, I'd dismiss it as author's joke. The only way to get myself to replay it would be if I wanted some of the overpowered gear for a future party. 17/30 Rating: [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]
  8. I'd just like to add that it can be quite useful for your fighters to have a few points in magic, preferably Priest Spells. Iirc, it also increases mental resistance but you can simply check that in game. Anyway, in addition to having some emergency utility, like heals and cures, when big monsters (Mung Demons for example) use their weird dumbfounding spell, they seem to target the nearest party member who has spell points. Since their spell eats half of your spell points and fighters are usually closest to the enemy, it's a good way to save the SP of your mages and their ability to cast. There aren't any Mung Demons in the first scenario though, so it's not that important on lower levels..
  9. I'm at the golem place north of the ruined slith guardpost, at the place where I've killed the Demon Golem, read stuff in his office and climbed up the ladder. Up there Phaedra fell to enemies and now I'm carrying her back to the slith guardpost. This is where I'm stuck - I've climbed down the ladder back to the Demon Golem's office, and now I can't climb back up (because of Phaedra). But also, I can't go further back because of the gates being closed and the only gate-mechanism is "too heavy/massive to use". I don't even remember which way I got here in the first place, but there are absolutely no hidden passages out, I even Far Sight-ed everything and moved to every corner if perhaps a scripted event would appear There must be a silly thing I'm missing..? EDIT: Ok, I've just loaded the save litteraly a minute after posting the above, and clicked on a mechanism and it worked *glorious facepalm* (there was a wall with a window between the party and the mechanish so I thought I couldn't use it at all)
  10. thanks for the answer, yeah I like doing what I'm not supposed to do I guess I'll restart the scenario. Edit Just finished it and it's quite mind-twisting, love it! btw.. aaaa! know who the little sister is!
  11. It was in his laboratory, close to the telleporter he's been building. Wgen you kill him, his body is renewed and he fights again, because you need to pull out the plug on the Magic first. At first he was hostile, but after resurrecting a few times, he resurrected as friendly.
  12. Although I can't imagine the amount of work being asked of you, I'm thrilled to see you've decided to continue and finish the trilogy. This is an actual picture of myself seconds after posting this:
  13. Hello, I've encountered a possible bug:
  14. What about the statue item you take from that evil altar surrounded by skulls on pikes? It took me a while to get away with it, but I didn't find a purpose of it.. was a while ago when I played this, but I remember this much..or not. heh
  15. I have tried to find an alternative ending, but gave up after a few times... I still have no idea why that dervish arrested me. The party members are not wanted criminals, because the dervish didn't react when I had a (brief) conversation with him before entering the church; so it is probably something you do during your investigation that makes the law enforcers mad? Well I forgot alot about the scenario since almost two months passed from playing it
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