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  1. I hoarded items the entire game, dropping them off in organized piles at the starting zone of each island when I ran out of strength to carry them. Unfortunately, now that I'm approaching endgame and hope to craft some of the rare artifacts, somehow I can't find where I dropped the Pure Crystal Shard (picked up from Khor's Deep) ingredient for the Ring of the Infiltrator. I'm worried that I dropped it in the middle of an unknown zone to reduce encumbrance before a fight - it would drive me crazy to crawl each zone looking for it now. Is there an Item Editor, Geneforge data file, or Cheat Engine method I could use to replace one of my current items with a Pure Crystal Shard? I was so meticulous about everything else in my game that losing this is ... well, very frustrating.
  2. I've just completed Shades of Gray, the aesthetically pleasing short scenario by Ephesos, and I've read some reviews alluding to an alternate storyline or ending. Maybe because my party was way over the recommended level, I never saw any special dialogue clues while mowing down the ghosts on my way to reactivating the machines. Can anyone give me a hint for taking the alternate route (i.e., when the plot forks, which NPC to trigger it)? The dervish arrested me at the end, whereas he'd ignored dialogue previously. That wasn't enough of a clue for me. EDIT: located the new character at the side altar.
  3. Thank you very much. As you can tell, it was irking me some. Have a great night.
  4. Thanks for replying. It's too bad there's no text at the end. I know there was text on an edition of BoE I played in the late 90's. Hopefully someone can comment on the gold. I did sanctify the altar after removing the statue. Still wish it the item itself had value.
  5. I second Rats Aplenty. I don't remember that you can speak to the wife, but I do know that there's a butler whose annoyed by your request to enter the front, that there's a side entrance, and that you've been asked to rob the husband. You don't have to kill anyone, but you can.
  6. Having just completed the Za-Khazi Run in BoA, I was disappointed that there was no text acknowledgement or gold reward for reaching the end with any of the following: Crystal of Purity Melora Opal Scroll of Dragons Slith Statuette* Malachite Statue. Now I know that the first three were worth something in the original scenario, and I couldn't find any clues to the benefit of the malachite statue. Can anyone answer: 1. What was the end-scenario text acknowledging the special items and their sale? or at least, how do I find this text? 2. What was the gold value granted for each? 3. Is there any in-game effect to escaping safely with the malachite statue?
  7. Having just completed the Za-Khazi Run, I was disappointed by a major difference between its ending and the BoE scenario ending. Unlike the Exile scenario, this version gave neither text acknowledgement nor gold reward for reaching the end with any of the following: Crystal of Purity Melora Opal Scroll of Dragons Slith Statuette* Malachite Statue. Now I know that the first three were tribute options for Khoth, who died on my way to Cavalier, and the slith statuette can be sold in Assikvas for 1000, but I haven't found clues to the value of the malachite statue. This left me with three questions: 1. Is there really no text to acknowledge the value of these special items? 2. What were these items worth in the original BoE scenario? 3. Is there any benefit to stealing the malachite statue? -may cross-post to BoE subforum
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