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  1. I'd just like to add that it can be quite useful for your fighters to have a few points in magic, preferably Priest Spells. Iirc, it also increases mental resistance but you can simply check that in game. Anyway, in addition to having some emergency utility, like heals and cures, when big monsters (Mung Demons for example) use their weird dumbfounding spell, they seem to target the nearest party member who has spell points. Since their spell eats half of your spell points and fighters are usually closest to the enemy, it's a good way to save the SP of your mages and their ability to cast. Ther
  2. I'm at the golem place north of the ruined slith guardpost, at the place where I've killed the Demon Golem, read stuff in his office and climbed up the ladder. Up there Phaedra fell to enemies and now I'm carrying her back to the slith guardpost. This is where I'm stuck - I've climbed down the ladder back to the Demon Golem's office, and now I can't climb back up (because of Phaedra). But also, I can't go further back because of the gates being closed and the only gate-mechanism is "too heavy/massive to use". I don't even remember which way I got here in the first place, but there are absolute
  3. thanks for the answer, yeah I like doing what I'm not supposed to do I guess I'll restart the scenario. Edit Just finished it and it's quite mind-twisting, love it! btw.. aaaa! know who the little sister is!
  4. It was in his laboratory, close to the telleporter he's been building. Wgen you kill him, his body is renewed and he fights again, because you need to pull out the plug on the Magic first. At first he was hostile, but after resurrecting a few times, he resurrected as friendly.
  5. Although I can't imagine the amount of work being asked of you, I'm thrilled to see you've decided to continue and finish the trilogy. This is an actual picture of myself seconds after posting this:
  6. Hello, I've encountered a possible bug:
  7. What about the statue item you take from that evil altar surrounded by skulls on pikes? It took me a while to get away with it, but I didn't find a purpose of it.. was a while ago when I played this, but I remember this much..or not. heh
  8. I have tried to find an alternative ending, but gave up after a few times... I still have no idea why that dervish arrested me. The party members are not wanted criminals, because the dervish didn't react when I had a (brief) conversation with him before entering the church; so it is probably something you do during your investigation that makes the law enforcers mad? Well I forgot alot about the scenario since almost two months passed from playing it
  9. Since I tried to find a passage before, but was unsuccessful, I'll come back here after a replay. Thanks super late edit: so much for coming back to this thread 😌 anyway, I found it
  10. Well this is an interesting scenario. I liked the concept and the atmospfere on the ship. Also, the ship really looked like one, so, respect for the design. The dialogue with the Helmsman was interesting too. The amount of detail was lovely (though dead corpses, blood and other disguisting stuff is all but pretty, one cannot simply place colouful plants on a ghost ship haha). I found enough useful items only because I like to browse every possible container and there were plenty; The items from important enemies were nice as well, with magic abilities and such. I hated the part with pas
  11. I replayed this scenario a few times, but unfortunatelly, I have never found a way to reach Chelsea, the imprisoned villager. All I know is that she trying to make the workers' life better and was imprisoned for doing so. I was unable to come any further than that... Does anyone remember how to finish this quest?
  12. The name of the scenario perfectly describes your party members. Eager to explore the world, battle evil and helping people while getting rich and famous is all your party dreams of. Needless to say, same as in the real world, those of high dreams often get brought down to earth day after day. It saddens me that out enthusiastic party didn't accomplish anything, but it's good that they aren't demoralized enough to give up on adventuring, but eagerly look forward to more opportunities to get fame and glory! Huzzahhh! About the scenario itself - the humour hits us from the very beginning
  13. What I liked: - town design; it was interesting to walk trough pretty towns, seeing some contents of houses trough the windows and such.. there were plenty of traps too, so Tool Use was quite useful to have. - The idea of having an arena was quite interesting. What I disliked: - Outdoors; why..why so big? It felt like walking trough a green wasteland... I think, for this size of outdoor area, the plot could have been tripple the current size. Walking from town to town felt like a journey. - No idea why the Succubus wants her toy and, while we learn a bit about her, it still felt like s
  14. Considering there are quite a few references to Bahssikava since this continues its story, I would recommend playing Bahss at least twice or once but in detail. This way a player can follow the plot and connect deeper with the scenario, which of couse, means more fun playing. Exodus is enormous, so going in just to get uber-items and levels is not recommended.. What I personally liked here: story, combat, exploring the numerous towns and outdoor areas What I didn't like as much: lack of objects around towns, outdoor (classic grey cave outdoor ground) spacing of trees rocks and such
  15. I still have no idea how to beat that freak called Wicked Mage! I saved right before entering but I gave up on this fight after a couple of hours... I even used the dark arts of the Character Editor to boost my 1000+ HP singleton's Riposte to 75 but to no use.. I stood there like forever while that lunatic was biting me to death every time.. I had some ring which damages the atacker for 20 upon recieving a hit, but in vain.. EDIT: I noticed priests can buff the party with Radiance shield (if I remember the name correctly) which, on higher spell levels, also provides a damage-return component!
  16. True, avast was getting on my nerves as well although I wasn't sure what I did to kill my problem.
  17. Playing BoA for a few months now, I just recently noticed there is more to the named spell than only the magic damage component. Since then I was testing in on various opponents, but, while some might get enfeebled (sorry if I spell it wrong), none were terrified so far.. Can anyone offer some insight on how it works or if it even does work properly? As Divine retribution's damage/SP ratio is horrible (I don't see any use except damage) I don't bother buying or leveling it at all.
  18. I'm still playing BoA with intention to win all or at least most of the third-party scenarios, but I have also felt the need to at least try to create a little scenario. Though being greatly inspired by other designers here, I'm afraid it coud (or does) require significant programing/coding/other skills which I don't have. I wonder if there is something I need to learn before I even start doing anything with the editor... if someone can point me to a topic similar to this which I might have missed, please do; I'm simply unsure if I should go down this road without knowing the basics...
  19. Hello, everyone! I am quite new to Avernun universe, considering I have only played (and zealously continue to play) Blades of Avernum due to excitement I get from brilliant designers, especially Kelandon with his Bahssikava and Exodus. I'm not trying to discredit others who have also put a lot of time and effort into their scenarios! I'm not sure how active this forum is but I simply feel the need to say a few things regarding Bahssikava and Exodus. I conpletelly agree on Zeta Teridax' thoughts about the two scenarios, the two scenarios that keep me thinking about the story Kelandon i
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