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  1. Spent all of Halloween night on a coach from London to Manchester so we got drunk and are going out tonight instead. Smash Bros theme yo!
  2. A losing ending? Me? Lose? That's umpossible! Its just a bit of a weird one I guess.
  3. It happened as I struck the last blow on Putidus and the roof was falling in. It came up with something like "Unhandled exception occurred 0000000000000". Its been sat in my hard drive for a while, it may be that I didn't transfer it properly in the first place. Another non Spidweb made scenario didn't load the dialogue script for a particular town so something's not right somewhere.
  4. Oh my God I'm such an idiot, I put the levels back up but didn't "re-purchase" the spells. Thanks!
  5. I found Blades of Exile (I think!) on a shareware CD rom when I was about 8 or 9 maybe. I liked the idea of the adventuring and fighting monsters, but my parents have never been gaming people and I didn't really know what I was doing. I guess it must have stuck with me though because years later I looked it back up and I've been playing Spiderweb Games for a few years on and off now.
  6. I recently started playing Blades again and I started the Lord Putidus scenario. It resets your stats at the start and for some reason it took my mage/priest spells away too and then it straight up crashed at (I assume) what would have been the end. I took my party out of the scenario and into another and I still have no magic even after I went into the character editor and put my levels back up. This is most perplexing. Are my characters boned? Thanks!
  7. OK wow, I've wound up fighting Redbeard with Jenelle and Nathalie and my main character, a shaman. Forget this, looks like I'm going loyalist! That's kind of annoying that it's pretty much impossible for me..
  8. Wow I'm an idiot, it was right there. Scouring the area indeed... Thanks!
  9. I cannot find the bloody thing after scouring the area for ages! I killed an ogre when I first got to Silvar ages ago but can no longer remember if I fought an ogre mage too. I don't have the option to tell Kreger the ogre is dead so I must have missed it, so where are they hiding? Thanks, I'm rather bemused!
  10. Thank you very much! I'm in, and I'll be keeping my eye out for further bugs. But hopefully that's the answer. Cheers!!
  11. Hey there, I'm running BoA on Windows Vista and when I try to enter downloaded custom scenarios I get to read the story slides before the scenario, but then it freezes and I never get to start. I have uninstalled and redownloaded etc etc but to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone give me guidance as to which gameplay files are the pre game story slides so I can delete them and (fingers crossed) jump straight into the scenario? That would be amazing, I'm completely frustrated. Thank you!
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