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  1. Thank you! I wish the journal recorded images as well as text.
  2. I got the "map" for the Concealed Tunnel, but I absolutely can't find it. It's not marked on the overworld map as far as I can tell. Please toss me a bone here...
  3. Not sure when Townsend's extra items open up--potentially after you return from your initial encounter with the vahnatai? I visited him after retrieving the first mcguffin and earning crown clearance. Then had the option to ask if he had learned to make anything new. This opened up more crafting options. That is a necessary dialogue step before he will offer the new shininess.
  4. I captured a Hraithe with level 2 at around level 20-21. Didn't check the accuracy report. Having a hraithe is pretty neat. :3 I tried to capture an Efreet, but it was probably too powerful/my spell level too low. Seems like it's possible, though.
  5. The links in the additional maps topic for the Honeycomb don't seem to be working. On that note, I admit I'm pretty frustrated--I am struggling to find my way back to the Dragon's Gate. I don't remember at all how I first reached it. I want to do the Horror quest before I wrap up the game; I've already opened the gate (I raised it by doing the whole boat thing), but now I'm back at the Honeycomb zone from the Mertis entry and I'm completely bewildered. This is the only time I've not found Harehunter's wonderful maps to be helpful! I'm totally disoriented. Can anyone point the way? Edited:
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