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Found 17 results

  1. It doesn't look like this has been reported before. In the iOS version of the game, suppose you currently have some javelins equipped. Now tap on the javelins and then tap on the same space again. The javelins will disappear without a trace! I have no idea if this is specific to only normal javelins and only to the iOS version of the game. It is rather annoying, and I don't expect a fix with how long the game has been out. I just thought I would point this out to help save others from confusion.
  2. There is a small little quest where you enter a dark forest and 'you are being stalked' by a couple of baslisks and gremlins. Anyway, I can't find a way back out and seem to be trapped in a loop unable to exit the forest. It appears to be a bug.
  3. Just thought I'd mention this amusing little glitch... the 'Concealed Tunnel' dungeon, despite being... well, a TUNNEL, seems to have been accidentally set as an outdoors-location. Meaning that depending on your luck, it might be raining in there.
  4. Hey. Achievements are something that are (unfortunately) important to me as a player. And they're broken in A3. :'( I have cleared the slime quest, but the game does not credit me as having even returned to the surface (though, oddly, Steam does). I have just trained my fifth mage spell to level 5, and neither the game nor Steam have recognised this. Anybody else have this issue/have a fix? Edit: IMAGE: https://cdn.calref.net/files.calref/12/1745ad38b1e3ece2_one.JPG
  5. So as the title states when you pass on the checkpoint for central valorim to enter loralei the guards check you for skribane right? So the check only checks the players inventories and not the Junk bag essentially allowing you to smuggle skribane into the city... Is this intended?
  6. The first few playthroughs I had trouble with this quest series and it continues. Maybe my party has the wrong companion combination to make it work. Maybe I'm mistaken or losing my mind. These are rebel hunts to be carried out as assigned by Commander Deniz in Green Refuge. The first assignment is to hunt Alric in the Rotting Border. I have killed him every playthrough and no credit. Deniz acted like I hadn't completed the assignment. Frustrated, looking under the hood there was no flag set for success of the mission in the Alric code. I set the proper flag, reloaded and finished and went
  7. Scorched greaves are plate but give a +1 bonus to sorcerer skill Focus Mastery Corrupted, Frost-rimed, and Searing Scarab abilities appear to be using numbers from prior Avadon series, costing very little fatigue and having a fast recovery time. Is this intended? Acid and Shock Canister appear to have fatigue, icon, and turns to recover switched. Not sure if it's intended or not, but the burning goo effect can still be used to kill town npc's (tested it on Redbeard and misc npc's at Fort Foresight).
  8. This is a little spoilery, so if you don't want to read about a companion quest, beware! I completed Nathalie's quest at the Spiral and spoke with her back at camp. I later returned to Svar's Peninsula, and Nathalie immediately forced her way back into the party with some dialogue about investigating the library, even though that quest line was already complete. (Fort Foresight is obviously already my new home base, but I had not yet gone to the Woods or Temple zones.)
  9. Hi everyone, I looked for an answer here but couldn't find one. Recently started playing Avernum again (which I knew as BOE when I was a tiddler), and a while back I got to the Annoying Hellhound quest. Of course, you have to be level 8/9 to spawn the hellhound, so I went, trained, came back, and killed it. I went back to Hrank at Fort Draco, and I couldn't get an acknowledgement that I'd defeated the hellhound. I've been back multiple time, even back to the lair. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing, or this is just an unfortunate bug I happen to have come across? Than
  10. UNLIMITED HEALTH BUG REVEALED ! ! ! Okay I will tell you how to have unlimited health and spell points for the main character (Character #1). 1. Let the primary character get ill or lightning spell or poison damage that is consuming the health slowly. Once this character is damaged like this then you must continue to wait by holding space bar or walking (in town mode) on a locked door or something. 2. The character should scream but you will still have the character active. (Please remember to hold space bar key in non-combat mode/Town-mode or else your character will DIE)
  11. Just to show one of my Elite Characters. I found out that using dexterity not only reduces the chance of a character from being hit but also increases Bow Damage. This unfair advantage made choose 51 dexterity for my primary character which the NPCs aim at first. Notice the other stats are 1 in figure 1. and her Dexterity is clearly above the maximum. which is 51 but hers is 52. Having 78% armour on Torment mode still is like paper armour when fighting monsters and especially BOSSES. However I kill monsters using strategy and no potions, scrolls, or any of that useless junk. QU
  12. Hey all! So, I've loved Geneforge back since it was released I remember playing it on an archaic Windows platform back in the day. I recently got the saga on Steam and was excited to play Geneforge 1 and start it all over... Buuut... Every time I click play it shuts down as soon as the window opens. I can click Change or Don't Change resolution and it doesn't matter. I tried DXWnd and the new one flat out didn't work, and the earlier version I found opened it, but it says the steam api_init failed. Any help? ------------------------------------------------------ I had my
  13. Hi I have an archer that has a lot of throwing weapon skills and dex. He can deal around 30 - 100 with iron javelin (for example) right now. But the flawless shot battle discipline always reads 20 - 60 damage? Does not matter what ranged weapon I have equiped, different javelins or long bow. The flawless shot description says it has to add damage? The well aimed blow works properly increasing damage a lot over what the equped melee weapon normally deals. Is that a bug in the game?
  14. I think there is a bug with the junk bag. When I put an item in my junk bag, it disappears. I'm not sure when this started happening because I have been overwritting my old saves. I have 505 items in my junk bag. Is this the max? I don't get the message that it is full, although I did get that message once in the past. This really sucks considering the only stuff I've been saving are stuff with high sale value (I've been selling crude weapons and leather armor).
  15. Hello, I am having an issue where all my creations move very fast all of a sudden. So do the Ornks in town and such. Anyone have a fix for this or a thread that it has already been solved in? thanks
  16. So, here I am, casually strutting along deep within the Giants' Vale, murderlizing everything in sight with my shiny not-so-new Sword of Sharpness, when I come across a dead giant's corpse in the northeast corner of the vale. My adventurer senses kicked in, and I looted the poor guy. Turns out he wasn't poor, and had a bag with 365 coins on him, which I promptly grabbed. I tried to go deeper into the thicket of trees to look for more potential treasure, but failed. On my way out of the thicket, I stumble upon the same dead giant. So, the strangest thing happened. Instead of just leaving th
  17. I just killed Adze-Hakai and opened the box and got the crystalline plate and onyx scepter. However, when I look in my inventory, the only thing I see is the crystalline scepter. Am I doing something wrong?
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