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  1. Originally Posted By: Death Knight Originally Posted By: runequester I had decided to play the game as a hardcore avadon loyalist, KGB attitudes and all, but I must admit the game made it hard for me to stick the course every time. Haven't finished yet, but looking forward to it. Just stormed the titan camp, which was a lot of fun Loyalist? I thought there was only 2 endings. You could join miranda or kill redbeard (which was hard). Am i missing something. There's only 2 endings right? You can't join Miranda. The portal won't let you jump through. She tells you to go kill Redbeard
  2. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Please post and let us know whether or not it works. If it works only without Sage Lore, I will add that to the list of things I need to update on the analysis. I pulled up an old game to test this and Sage Lore does not help with reading the web for Dispel Barrier. You have to have 8 actual Arcane Lore to read it.
  3. Hmmm. According to the list, that should be Arcane Lore level 8, but it may be like the books in the Stagnant Caverns where Sage Lore doesn't count. You could quickly test that if you're near it. Open the character editor, give someone 4 more Arcane Lore, and try reading it again. (Save first, of course)
  4. Originally Posted By: dottie I'm at level twelve at the moment. Still haven't been able to find the "aranea web" although I have cleared the "aranea lair". so I'm guessing it's somewhere else. I really want that spell dispel barrier. can anyone point to how to get there? am I hurrying too much? I believe the web you're looking for is Click to reveal.. west and a bit south of Fort Remote. But you might not be high enough level to handle getting to it yet. Can't hurt you to save and give it a shot, though.
  5. Originally Posted By: Acheld Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: Acheld Should have split my steel javelins into two stacks before loading it up, but ah, well. What can you do? =D Split up your steel javelins into different characters and sell unneeded ones because a stack becomes a single one and you will lose the money for selling the extras. Yes, I realized that too late, though. Re: Cloaks. Why not something that helps everyone offensively, but in different ways. e.g.: Cloak of Curses Cloak of Speed (gives some small number of AP to each player, or a
  6. If you have Cloak of Curses on, Dazing enemies can randomly curse them, including poison, I believe.
  7. And Sage Lore stacks, right? So it's +3 for each character that has it, but it means that there are a couple spell books that you might not be able to read because the Sage Lore bonus doesn't help with them.
  8. I'm pretty sure that the cost from the trainer is only based on how many times you've learned about a given spell from trainers, not the actual level in the spell you're learning. So, if you start with level 1 in a spell, you can get to level three by either buying training twice (at a cost of x+2x) or buying training once and reading the book for the spell (at a cost of x). And, of course, there is that way to get all three levels in the basic spells (can't remember if it's just priest, or if there's one for priest and one for mage) for no cost--once you can survive to get there.
  9. It is the correct file. Don't worry. The drag-and-drop installation does not change anything in the preferences files where your registration is stored.
  10. Originally Posted By: Jarval As "keeping items" is the topic, i wondered if it is safe to keep items piled up at the ground somewhere, or inside a chest or crate - or do they get deleted after some time? It is a persistent world, so things on the town/dungeon maps stay where you put them.
  11. Ah, Benth. Not sure how I missed that line of questioning the first few times I spoke with him.
  12. The one I'm a bit confused on is the magical notes. Unless that's a quest given after something like the Pyrog's Papers quest from Thantria or the slith in Kyass, I haven't found who wants them. I think I've talked to everyone.
  13. Originally Posted By: waterplant I've killed everything in the Aranea Lair but couldn't find any spells. Did I miss a switch or something? Are you sure you're looking in the right Aranea lair?
  14. Originally Posted By: raverdave2k If she can drop us on go then all the scrolls / potions in the world ain't going to help, were all at level 13, should I come back later or just suck it up and get stuck in? Come back much later. This is a near end-game fight. Not one you want to have the first time you meet her.
  15. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Originally Posted By: Kreador To be sure, the blatant antisemitism was also present in Wagner's work. Just harder for some to recognize because it's in German. No, Dantius is saying that LotR removed the anti-Semitism of Wagner's work. Dikiyoba. AH, read it backwards.
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