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  1. You are a: Communist Anti-Government Bleeding-Heart Libertine Collectivism score: 100% Authoritarianism score: -17% Internationalism score: 0% Tribalism score: -100% Liberalism score: 100% That'll do, I suppose.
  2. What a time it has been! Thanks for sticking through, even when people (myself included) got frustrated with your antics.
  3. As I said, Krugman had some very non-specific analysis. My own non-specific analysis, inspired by Krugman's analysis of "republican facades,' is that the power of the presidency has expanded dramatically to the point where it has overgrown the rule of law, already. By and large, Congress has not worked to contravene this.
  4. From an electoral standpoint, trying to remove Trump's mandate to be president seems moot. From a political standpoint, strategies of how to resist Trump's policies and goals is far more productive. re: rule of law. Paul Krugman recently compared Trump's presidency to the fall of the Roman Republic. Krugman's analysis seems pretty non-specific, here, and if anything just makes me think of how executive power has been ballooning in size historically since the onset of the Cold War, which is what uniquely gives presidents the ability to be more influential than they have been previously. Obama used them to pass policy through an obstructionist Congress, and Trump may use them for the same purpose if he is unable to effectively garner support among all parts of the GOP.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the Drakons were working on this in the shredbug facility, and only started working on that after the Presence failed to be controlled. I would say that the Presence really only makes sense in the Mera Tev / Okavano Fen, otherwise it simply doesn't make sense how it would make it to the Foundry.
  6. In all fairness, the Clinton campaign is joining in on the effort in Wisconsin.
  7. It's hard to not feel this very personally, as a poor trans woman and left activist. So, my comments will remain brief. Suffice to say, likeability is a crucial feature for a good president, even beyond just public appeal. The president is also the face of US diplomacy, after all, and no one can say that that doesn't require skill. The president also is the face of their political party, which means that they are instrumental in maintaining party discipline. In both of these applications, I think Clinton would have been far more skilled than Trump.
  8. Well, fixing the island-hopping issue with the boats would be a great start. Retconning the second Shaper continent would be a good idea, too.
  9. Since finishing my undergrad in the spring, I've taken a short break from reading non-fiction to catch up on more light reading. I've been working my way through the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett, which is really refreshingly honest and light and just plain ol' witchy fun. I've got a long list of books to read after that, but I'll mention those as I get to them!
  10. If your issue with the MBTI is that it isn't accurate, then maybe it would be better to avoid personality tests in general.
  11. The Gazers that we do get dialogue from all seem to just want to live on their own without any interference. The nature of the game, though, is that the player interferes with everything. That said, there are various indirect signs that Gazers and (Rebel) society writ large communicate and work out deals, so I don't see their territorialistic rage as particularly inevitable. Not really sure why you're interested in creating a Gazerforge. The Gazers in-game certainly don't seem to share that desire.
  12. That would be true if the humans were willing colonizers, rather than, well... Exiles... Not to mention the fact that some (all?) of the Nephil were also sent to Exile from the Surface. Politics of desperate necessity don't easily conform to easy moral judgments.
  13. That is really cool, actually. Swords can get generic, but that is hardly so.
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