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  1. Hey gamers, I've been thinking about starting the Avernum Saga. The only spiderweb software games I've played is Geneforge 1-5. I've played these games ever since I was a kid (I'm 18 now) so I think I've done everything those games can offer, sadly. Going into Avernum, what are some things that I should expect, or rather, what is different from the Avernum series as opposed to Geneforge? Thanks fellas.
  2. If you haven't specialized in anything creation-wise, but have specialized in magic, what i find works extremely well is creating a legion of fyoras for very cheap that can act as targets for the enemies, so they aren't focus firing on you. Pick off the enemies slowly and try to get out of combat frequently to make a quick save to you'll slowly but surely make progress.
  3. Being a warrior main, I find the best way to kill Koerner using melee weapons is to use every pod available and beat him down as fast as you can before you sustain too much damage.
  4. If Monarch is indeed the protagonist of G5, it wouldn't make sense because in G4, BOTH the rebels and shapers hated Monarch for letting creations run a muck with no control. The player is given a choice whether or not to release him into the west side of Terrestia (where G5 does take plac), but Monarch would have been hunted down and killed on sight.
  5. Sometimes if I'm having trouble solo-ing a boss, I'd create a fyora army just for fodder.
  6. I honestly don't think the queen is possible being a solo warrior
  7. If playing the Rebel side, is it possible to progress the story without killing Khyryk?
  8. Geneforge 3 get's a lot of cool points because it introduces us to many of the series interesting staple characters. Greta, Alwan, Litalia, Warmaster Karikiss, and of course, my personal favorite, Khyryk. These characters each add a sprinkle of immersion to the overall plot of Geneforge 3 and I'm glad they stick around until Geneforge 5.
  9. Hey fellas, is it possible to stream Geneforge on Mixer? Some of my friends are interested in the game but due to lack of quality videos on YouTube, I'm wondering if it's possible to stream Geneforge 4 somehow. Thanks o/
  10. Did you complete the secret end-game dungeon, the Monastery Caves? You could see how your monster army fares against the toughest enemies in the game
  11. You can also hunt down traitors in Dillame for more reputation
  12. I actually adore how many different options can affect the overall story and the way people perceives you.
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