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  1. I kinda don't like how the protagonist is some kind of mystic super important dude that most people despise. My favorite protag is Genforge 3's protagonist. You're a Shaper in training - you aren't a myserious warped person like in 5, nor a warped rebel like in 4, you're just an ordinary shaper in training and the next choice is yours. You choose to be who you want and people will eventually treat you different based on what they heard about you. I wish more Geneforge games had this sort of "blank slate" protagonist who's story and actions you, the player were responsible for, not a forced bac
  2. O, it might have something to do with me playing these games since I was a kid. But yeah, with no new Geneforge content ever coming, it kinda feels bad.
  3. All I need in my life is a Geneforge that allows you to play G3 - G5 combined into one game, seeing how I can complete a Geneforge game in just a day.
  4. I remember as a kid I would always spam canisters without a second thought. But NOW I've got to consider that my character will slowly and literally fall apart and have reprecussions to using the damned things. Shaper on the outside, Rebel on the inside.
  5. I do believe Southforge Citadel was described as a dark and gloomy place, whereas in this title screen, it seems like a very robust and clean place. Also who is the blue dragon dude, he looks pretty damn cool https://imgur.com/a/HGpO7sx
  6. I'm just saying the Geneforge art made for the women look very nice. Like is this supposed to be Greta on the title screen (assuming this is Greta taken prisoner in Quessa-Uss)? If so, she looking great. https://imgur.com/a/xLvT6Fg
  7. I would love for G1-5 to have the perfect and brilliant hud of Geneforge 4.
  8. I believe it would take a very highly skilled shaper to create a fyora that is able to speak, thus the "evolution" to drayk would be mildly feasible. It is entirely plausible, because there is a battle alpha (gamma?) in Geneforge 3 in the snowy chapter that is able to speak fluent and intelligent sentences.
  9. I haven't done the same thing with my creations but hey that might be something fun I can do in subsequent playthroughs
  10. I forgot to mention that in G3 as well as G4, I like to "rank up" my main character and any other traveling companions (Alwan or Greta) via renaming them different ranks of the army depending on what chapter of the game I am at. Army ranks do exist in the Geneforge universe so it's perfectly legitimate. For example, in G3, Greta would start off as "Private Greta" in Chapter 1 (I would call myself Lord at the beginning because you can't rename yourself in G3), and as I progressed through the chapters, she would go through several ranks in Corporal, Sergeant, Colonel, General, and Lady. In G4, t
  11. I thought I was done playing Geneforge 4 dammit! Now I wanna play through it for the 100th time AGAIN
  12. I name my two fyora's "Yharim and Yharon" one being a reference to Terraria's Calamity jungle dragon Yharon, and the other being a reference to Yharim, the tyrant ruler of Calamity. The fyora's eventually become Cryoas, then drayks, then drakons, then Ur-Drakons. It's kinda poetic how they start of as fire spitting lizards, to two colossal titans that wreck havoc upon everything that dares challenges them.
  13. Yeah I've accidently done that on several occasions. I do the same thing in Skyrim where I quicksave into a death loop by accident haha
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