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  1. Vinlie

    G3 small oops

    Yeah if you could just travel between previously visited islands without the use of the boats I feel like the game would be accepted a lot more lol
  2. Vinlie

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Guardian = win in g2
  3. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Southern Grosch Servilles

    Damn rip servilles
  4. In Chapter 3, you receive a quest from a serville master to find his lost servilles. You eventually find them in the Southern Grosch bound by Monarch. Attempting to restore the servilles will cause them to attack you (even with serville mechs), and shutting off the machine instantly kills them. Is there anyway to actually save these bois?
  5. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Need a new play-style!

    Thanks you guys o/
  6. Hey fellas! I want to play through Geneforge 4 again but not as my typical class. My normal class is a warrior that specializes in melee weapons, mechanics, and leadership that gets backed up by 2 fire creations. I've played all playstyles (warrior, mage, summoner, baton-wielder.) Any I missed?
  7. Vinlie

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

    That could work but why would you want to play Geneforge on a console in the first place?
  8. Vinlie

    G2: Creation Questions

    wingbolts>unbound lmao
  9. Vinlie

    G2: Creation Questions

    G2 Guardian>literally everything in the game
  10. Vinlie

    G2: Creation Questions

    You do benefit from keeping a creation that's a pretty good tier. I.E. keeping a fyora through the game really isn't practical, but keep, let's say a cryoa is a lot more beneficial because of it's strength and versatility. You should absorb your creations if you leveled up your shaping only if it levels up your creations past where they were originally absorbed. Let's say you have a level 5 fyora. If you're shaping skill allows you to shape a fyora that's level 7, you should absorb it.
  11. Vinlie

    Geneforge remakes.

    Wow I'll be out of high school by then.
  12. Darkstone is hella challenging my man you get a ton of goodies and an enchanted forge that has like 6 containers I use for storage. You also get a really neat sword if you're a warrior.
  13. G4 was also my first Geneforge so that's awesome, and I assume you're referring to my man Shaper Lethos at the Cairn Gates. He's cool and all, being an unknown character you just met wielding an aura of mystery. He ain't much though, the serville caravan will more or less wipe the floor with his shaper ass. Now if you want to talk I N T I M I D A T I O N, let's talk about General Crowley, the Guardian you meet when you've exiting the Shaper Camp in the Forsaken Lands. After infiltrating this heavily armed shaper dominated area, you slip away only to be stopped by a Guardian. You can actually spot him before his dialogue begins and when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I would hover over his character to check his health. His health was something of a whopping 1321 HP or somewhere around those lines. I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't skip a few beats. Now you, a puny rebel lifecrafter-in-training would have no chance, and even as a kid I knew that. This whole event was just so frightening to me as a child lmao. Returning to G3, the Warped Creator at the north of the first island is also incredibly intimidating you're first time through. The in-game sprite for this monstrosity was so proud .. and so menacing and the same time. It could attack with high power and inflict debuffs all whilst creating creatures at the same time. I think the Warped Creator is a lot more challenging than Lethos anyways. Anyways, I love the way you to talk about G4 though, you speak of it in such a genuine and endearing way it puts a smile on my face. We woulda been great friends. "Moseh and Elizah" don't forget about Shaftoe. That guy is so obnoxious with his infinitely spawning creatures. Anyways, the Barrier Zone Guardians are in Chapter of 3 of G4 so I'll take some enemies from the third island (Dhonal's Isle) for my explanations. The first mini boss would be Spharon, in Spharon's Lands. I'll admit Spharon himself isn't really ALL that intimidating, but his army of magically altered seville behemoths really made you wonder what kind of mad man Spharon is, if he could control this many magically attuned maniacs. Fighting Spharon himself really isn't terrible, at least until he becomes immortal until you destroy his Horcrux in a nearby pot or whatever it is. The idea of Spharon is the vision of a man so incredibly powerful he is pretty much on a whole new level of dangerous. Another enemy, a favorite of mine, is the Golem Monstrosity deep within the Darkstone Core. Before you enter the area where the Golem resides, dialogue options stated that this place was sealed because a terrible experiment went wrong, thus everyone and everything inside the labratory was trapped inside .. forever. Now reading those text boxes really made me feel some type of way. Was a excitement? Wonder? Fear? Perhaps a mixture of all three. The idea of an all powerful enemy trapped inside a place that the Shapers deemed too dangerous for it's own good was such a cool idea to me. Before entering the actual Shaping lab, you'll find many bodies with a text box reading, "It looks like a desperate battle took place here many years ago." I'd like to think that there were some people who tried to stop the creation of the Golem before it took place. Entering the lab, a text box in the middle of the screen will read, "There are two dead shapers here. They were trapped when the disaster happened." Hoo. If that doesn't make you consider turning around, you're quite brave. Of course, the actual battle with the Golem is very difficult, with the Golem able to stack acid attacks when it can attack up to 3 times. But yeah, incredibly good writing here. Oh yeah, if the player meet Ghaldring at the start of the game, it would signify how far the limits of Shaping could go, and the player would understand that.
  14. Geneforge 3's mini bosses are so much more intimidating than G4's imo.
  15. That weirdo artila is such a scumbag if you fight him early because his venom does like 50 a turn lol