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  1. Don't you have to strike the Creators?
  2. I'm playing on tricky right now because torment is wayyy too frustrating lol. Random question, is it possible to play unarmed through the whole game?
  3. My Geneforge 3 character made extremely short work of the Alpha Creator at the end of the game so any suggestions or pointers to what enemies are left or mods to check out to maybe poise a threat? Guardians are super op if you know what you're doing with it btw. If you want to know what gear I'm using just let me know. https://imgur.com/a/YPE72dW https://imgur.com/a/NOEzYz7
  4. Vinlie

    Let's talk about bees

    Bees are cool and all until one of those guys decides to hitch a ride in your car.
  5. Vinlie

    Geenforge 5: Greta

    oh which one?
  6. Vinlie

    Geenforge 5: Greta

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but idk if Greta was actually working quote on quote "for" Astoria because she briefly spoke with the player at the fight with Ghaldring then fled. Maybe I have to re-read the end credits lol.
  7. Vinlie

    Geenforge 5: Greta

    Just finished playing through G5 on Astorias's side, and I must say: wow! Great ending for a great series! I'm just curious on what happened to Greta. Did she guide the rebels and direct them in building new settlements in the compromised land they were given? And if so, once completed, where did she venture off to next? Damn dude there should be like a story book about Geneforge portraying if the Rebels won, or if the Shapers won. Many thanks!
  8. Vinlie

    Geneforge mods?

    All right, do any mods exist for the geneforge games besides graphic enhancement mods? Maybe like a new area or some new enemies? Lemme know! Thanks 👍
  9. nvm found it thanks mates
  10. simple questions: what do they do?
  11. Vinlie

    Geneforge 3 How to save the 2nd creator?

    Huh. Wow thanks a bunch that actually makes sense! Tysm haha
  12. Playing through Geneforge 3, I played the rebels side, thus losing Alwan while intending to keep Greta the whole game. Unfortunately, I didn't figure out how to save the 2nd creator which I think caused Greta to leave after the third island. Anyone know how to save it?
  13. Vinlie

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    You can't blame Jeff for your own mediocrity lol
  14. Vinlie

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    Have you tried turning it on and off again?