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  1. My deal with playing such a perfect, polished game series as Geneforge, every other RPG that's similar I often would draw comparisons from that game to Geneforge, only to realize that Geneforge sits on the absolute pinnacle.
  2. Do themmmm they add another layer of value to the game!
  3. I messed around with the resolution and changed it to 1024x768 and although it makes it seem like the same ratio, there's just a bunch of minor differences that makes it somewhat obnoxious. Especially the pointer, it doesn't quite feel right if that makes sense. Oh well worth a try again haha
  4. Is there a way to make G5's, I suppose HUD or Overlay, whatever you wanna call it, the same as Geneforge 4's? Geneforge 4 just feels a lot more clean and easier to control, and frankly just looks better than Geneforge 5. Geneforge 5 is just very zoomed out, and I know I did this topic already but it's two years in the future, maybe someone can help me out? https://imgur.com/a/ve1RLmv - all the photos comparing and my thoughts.
  5. Geneforge 4 has the perfect blend of story and action imo. There's so much variety in G4 and despite having "less" content than G5, I got a lot more enjoyment out of 4. One of the things that I think that one of the previous Genforges, specifically in Geneforge 2, is that 2 referenced the hidden endgame dungeon in it's ending, which is completely absent in 1 and 3-5. I always imagined how cool it would be if at G4's ending, it would say something along the lines of, "and in an isolated hall, past the sealed crypts, and past the great black iron doors, lies an entity unlike anything before - an entity that was deemed to powerful for the outside world. It waits and bides it's time, waiting for the day that it would be unleashed upon Rebels and Shapers alike" of course referencing The Titan.
  6. 2020 Rereading this and there's tons of areas with my torment warrior that I just breezed through without much thought with 2 fire creations, war blessing (mass energize later) and protection along with basic healing items. It's really not difficult to beat the game on torment with warrior because the game is not very difficult at all with basic knowledge of the mechanics. This topic intrigues me and despite finishing G4 for probably the 20th time, I'd replay it and mark down exactly what I did to make a similar "How i beat the game/guide" thing.
  7. Yeah it's unfort that he isn't even mentioned seeing how much of a character he was in G3 and G4.
  8. Whatever happens to Khyryk in 5? I've only played through 5 once because I'm not particularly fond of this Geneforge (mainly because of the aspect ratio, it's too zoomed out for my liking). and i don't recall Khyryk being in that game, although I might've missed it it's been awhile
  9. Litalia is a canister fueled rebel while Greta is pure. I could play through G4 to get to the Fens to recall exactly what she says tbh
  10. It's kind of inconsistent with G4's story because in the Fens, Greta sends you to rescue Khyryk, claiming it would be nice to see a friendly face, which wouldn't be the case because in order to be accepted into the rebels ranks, he must die.
  11. What I ended up doing was accepting Khyryk's quest on saving the shapers (while heavily alligned with the rebels) just to obtain the Ornkskin Gauntlets (bless them). I found out if you kill the shapers inprisoned, Khyryk disappears from the tower, and the rebel questline doesn't continue, (because Khyryk disappeared without him being killed by your hand) which results in a softlock state. He disappeared but I'm not sure if he reappears somewhere else. Regardless, I reloaded a save, got the gauntlets, and went back to kill Khyryk, as much as it pains me to say so. Those drawings of the young Agent he keeps under lock and key gets me crying.
  12. Is there a way to play through as a rebel without killing Khyryk to progress the story? He's such an interesting and complex character and I would love to progress without killing him.
  13. Vinlie

    Covid-19 Blues

    Replaying Geneforge series during the quarentine!
  14. Oh STOP it you! You're gonna make me blush, calling me smart and all!
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