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  1. Vinlie

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Are loyalty systems implemented already?
  2. Vinlie

    Testing a Discord server for SW peeps

    Looks like fun 👍
  3. Is it possible to beat the game completely relying on missiles, such as batons, javelins, and crystals? They're limited use weapons so are there enough missiles to completely beat the game?
  4. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Could you elaborate a little bit? D'you think you could quickly explain how one installs that?
  5. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Geneforge 3's inventory and in general gives me hefty frame lag. Anyone know how to fix it?
  6. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Okay you win my Cryoa can take on a Drakon but not an Unbound. May I ask how much health you Cryoa has?
  7. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Hah I do the same thing! I love keeping a Cryoa the whole game too lmao
  8. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Idk I exclusively use Fyora-Cryoa-Drayk-Drakon as a Guardian because they get 2 fire shaping off the bat. Shapers are just hella frail and it ain't my style. My style is my Guardian and 2 creations of my choosing being buffed by Mass Energize and Protection. Really quick and effective strategy tbh.
  9. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Yeah that's late game with the best gear infused with Golden Crystals so immortal is correct. I've never even played a Shaper playthrough before so I wouldn't know how powerful it is.
  10. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    What's the hardest Geneforge game then? I'd say G3 was the hardest, but it wasn't frustratingly challenging, just harder than others IMO.
  11. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Geneforge 3 Guardians didn't seem underpowered for me. Well, maybe at the beginning it was a little tougher because you had no HP and tons of enemies attacked at once, but around 30% of the way through the game it just got extremely easy (thanks to the access to the Crystalline Shroud, +2 AP points and 13% HER), hell, at the end I was just way too powerful for my own good, and I wasn't even playing a canister junkie. https://imgur.com/a/YPE72dW https://imgur.com/a/NOEzYz7
  12. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Uh I believe S e r v i l l e s are master race?
  13. This is actually my favorite final dungeon of all of Geneforge. Upon entering the caves for the first time, you feel isolated, disconnected with the outside world. You are alone in this unknown cavern with an unshakable feeling of terror. Hell, even your companion (Alwan or Greta) even express how terrified they are of this place. Near the entrance, you'll find some bodies carrying the passage bracelets. Now you, the player understand this; this area is extremely dangerous and frightening. Whatever happened to these dead people might happen to you unless you can defend yourself. From now on unless you can stop the machine, you are forever hunted. Now for the area itself, it's crazy fun people it's so unpredictable. You can find a Shaper Ghost, a unique Eyebeast, a hella lot of Reaper Turrets, Twinspirit Drakons, a very strong Rotghroth trio, a friggen Radiant Ur-Drakon, and a crazy powerful Creator. All of these fights make you utilize everything you have in your arsenal because they all have different weaknesses. Now the one thing I dislike about this dungeon is the requirement of 20 mechanics. Sure, using all of your mechanic gear plus the artifact infiltrator ring gives a great boost, and sure the Drakon and Mage in the Monastery can boost your mechanics a little is nice, but more than likely you're gonna have to sacrifice some skill points to ensure the shaping vats stop creating annoying ass monsters (run-on sentence). Upon finding the final boss (which is a creator), you can't help but feel a strange symmetry to this, on the first island you fought a creator, and on the last island you fight a creator, except this creator is completely hell bent on destroying you, creating Rotghroths, Eyebeasts, and Drakons. A super fun, challenging fight it is. If you defeat him, he drops an Omnicharm, a fitting reward for someone who had just braved the deeps of the Caves. God this place is just TOO awesome. Not compared to Geneforge 5's "Solar-Powered Guy". Yes, I think in the end, the Monastery caves will be my favorite end dungeon. Thanks for reading and tell me what's your favorite end dungeon Long live the Rebellion -Vinny
  14. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    So in the end are Guardians or Warriors more viable in terms of all around versatility?
  15. Vinlie

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Guardians Warriors are super fun for me because once I get mass energize I can instantly just pummel any opponent in front of me lol.