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A1 Graphics

Ishad Nha

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I was able to find a few custom graphics, used in A1 but not in BoA. A resource editor program was able to isolate the actual bitmaps, I used the same approach for the original Nethergate graphics. Interestingly enough, in both Avernum 1 and the original Nethergate the terrain graphics were compiled into the program proper. These graphics are mostly just color edits of the standard BoA graphics.



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I have just updated the graphic to include two pictures from Avernum 2, icons 4 and 5 from G768.bmp. As far as I can tell they are not found in BoA anywhere, in point of fact I don't think they are even used in A2 itself. I did not bother with a separate sheet for them because I think they are the only two custom A2 terrain graphics.

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I didn't see these two icons anywhere.


To top it off, I hex-edited the SE (Mancuso) zone to show all the possible 255 terrain types, these two icons did not appear anywhere. The only one of the four Vahanatai outdoor building icons to appear was G762,0.


Missing A1 Wallsets:

White walls with red trim:


The other set that I know of:

G530.bmp in the A2 Template scenario, see True Site for starters. G577 in Exodus


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About the graphics in the first post...


0. Seems to match the icon in sheet 705, slot 9. The icons aren't the same, but they look like they go together.

1-2. Essentially identical to sheet 704, slots 4 and 5. The only difference is the weeds.

3-4. This looks like the floor to go with the stalagmites on sheet 759, slots 8 and 9.

5. Very similar to sheet 705, slot 6, but darker and flipped horizontally.

6. This is the same floor as that found on sheet 705, slot 7, but it's a slightly different colour.

7-8. The only available rubble seems to be that on sheet 714, slots 2 and 3, and that's not these two.

9. This is what appears in sheet 728, slot 3, but there's just one instead of four.

10-11.Except for the colour, this is identical to sheet 759, slots 6 and 7.

12-15.Except for the colour, this is identical to sheet 744, slots 5 through 8.

16.Clearly this is a water rock. I can't seem to find BoA's water rock... unless it's sheet 750, slot 9, which is certainly not this one.

17.There's a wooden pillar on sheet 726, slot 4, but it's not the same one.

18-19.The Vahnatai buildings are somewhat scattered in the BoA graphics (sheet 762, slot 0; sheet 768, slot 2) but you seem to be correct in saying that these ones aren't included.


If BoA ever becomes open source, I would recommend adding some of these to the existing sheets. (Slots 0,3,4,16,18,19, at the very least.) Why? Because some of them appear to match with other graphics that are included. Especially in the case of 0,3,4, their absence actually renders the existing graphics less than useful.

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