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Which editor and now also other things :)

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There were a couple of early versions, such as Better Editor, which offered only a few additional features and have been superseded. A person called Isaac put in the hard work to make an alternate viewing mode for the editor which is the same as in the game, unlike the previous 2D view, and he called his version the 3D Editor. The BoA Editor Remake project (now dead, it seems) took over Issac's 3D editor, tuned it up and made it function equivalently on both platforms. They were going to then build an entirely new editor from scratch, but the participants lost interest. Some time later I took the Macintosh 3D editor and began adding further features. In summary, for WIndows the only sensible choice is the Windows 3D Editor from BoAEdRemake, find it here (Downloads section). For Mac OS you can use the Macintosh version of the same or my newer version, which I keep here.

These two versions contain the most fixes, and new features, and retain all the capabilities of the original (from which they derive).

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