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  1. It is also possible to make a blessing necklace again. The recipe, I think, stays the same: silver necklace + artila eye.
  2. Almost every person will tell you to start with gf1 ... and I won't be an exception. Believe me, I started with gf3 and it was half as interesting as it'd have been otherwise, had I previously played gf1 and gf2. And furthermore, once you get used to gf5's playing system (weight, moves etc.), believe me, it'll be very hard even to start playing gf3, let alone 1 or 2. But, again, if you start from the beginning, you'll notice only improvements in that area as well. And also, I know it's hard to get yourself to playing geneforge, after only playing avernum. I've been there. But trust me, it's worth it. And, besides, Avernum's coming to the end - what other option do you have
  3. What is this this about it being hard to get another golem diadem? As far as I know you can get quite a few of them from the destroyed golems (jeweled ones) - that's at least how I remember it.
  4. This sounds a lot like something that happens when you mess with the scripts. Did you do anything like that?
  5. Well, I think you could do it by editind the scripts! 1. Save your game 2. Write a new line somewhere into the script file of the current area you're in (somewhere between the lines "code =" and "break;" of a talking node you haven't been through yet): alter_stat(x,-y); (note the ";" - it is vital!) x = the number of a stat (i think it is written somewhere on the boards) and y = the number of skillpoints you want to decrease (if you want to increase them just lose the "-") - i think this should also make the cost for the skill decrease. 3. If you have any more question (don't know what i'm talking about, i didn't write this clear enough etc.) just ask ps: the script file for the zone must be the one with "dlg" at the end of the name!
  6. It is sort of sad that you can't first end the shaper rule and then "deal" with the drakons in the game itself. Click to reveal.. Well, actually the rebel ending does so, so I was more than thrilled when I reached it. And the rebel lands name, Sucia - it almost put tears into my eyes. Really. I was so surprised, it being a game and all, but it sure was nice. Anyway - I ask this all those who oppose the rebel ending so much: WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?! Have you even reached it?
  7. Well, to be honest a lot of things in this game don't make sense, but hey it's war - when did that make any sense??? Anyway, this is a rather funny glitch, I agree. But I think you could still save your game by editing the scripts - how good are you at that? If you don't know I can guide you.
  8. Uf, I always ignored guardian completely, due to him being very bad in magic, the one thing I like the most at spidweb games. So, beacause i didn't want to be a weakling I chose an agent I was more than thrilled when i got a chance to play as a servile. I really felt involved
  9. I'm not sure, but I think if you add "ab_num_of_missiles = 2;" to the essence lances text it will shoot 2 lances. The same goes for any such number up to 8. It may be good, to add this line at the end of the "Essence lances" entry in the gf5objsmisc.txt file. Also, it would be nice if you'd increase the spell's MP and EP cost. Last but not least, you should know, that the "number of missiles" is the highest number of missiles you can shoot. If there's less enemies or they are too far apart, you'll get less of them. ps: you have to restart your game for the effects to take place, whenever you edit the gf5... files in the scripts.
  10. Well, what I think is that since "the pool" changes (or forges) the genes ("those tiny little scrolls with four-letter sequences") and that it was the goal-object of the first game (which was supposed to be a stand-alone), the pronunciation is more than obvious. But, at the very conclusion we see, that if Tygen's faction won it'd the first part'd probably be pronunced as in "genesis". This just goes to show that we have to be grateful he didn't win. Imagine the argument then ...
  11. Something about needing proof I was sincere Yep, now I know what you mean: Click to reveal.. You have to either had let Tholmen go, had killed Solberg or had stolen his papers. I don't think any other things work, or do they? Cos you can also offer the anama text books and that perfect crystal, but aside from interesting dialog it doesn't bring you anything.
  12. What exactly did she say? Did she not even mention your joining them or did she keep the offer open, but demanded you showed some "proof" (letting certain people alive or stealing valuable items)? ps: When you first met her - what did you say to her?
  13. "Kyhhrik" - heh, that's a new one i guess "Monarch Shapes lvl 3 tier creations A shaper Knew Litalia Met Kyhhrik Insane You Met and helped Litalia Met Kyhhrik (This is proven by Ahkari Blaze being a MORE powerful Drakon then he was BEFORE using the geneforge) Shaped lvl 3 teir creations Traveled with Alwan (For a time) and Greta Started going mad/insane after canister use (Too much canisters) Thats basicully all I could find."" Well, that' could be true if greta didn't say (in g4) she went to litalia by herself and helped her!
  14. Amena has to live! Or there is NO Geneforge game. In G4 we got robbed for learned Darian, although I didn't meet her/im in G3, but I heard pro-shapers did.
  15. Don't you have to turn it on at the start screen first?
  16. Quote: "A4 was so open" ?????? I guess you din't play geneforge 1 or 2 ... Slarty - I agree on the ending part a lot. Just maybe you should add a (5) I get depressed after actually finishing a great and involving game and want to spare myself that with subconsciously knowing the game isn't over yet. And Alorael: Yeah, I get what you mean of all the Civ games I played I only ever finished Civ 3 ONCE, but started it at least a hundred times - even editing it ... Oh yeah, but I played, enjoyed and finished all the levels possible (OK, I know it has an editor ) of (single player) campaigns of Settlers 2 Gold edition - I don't know why, maybe coz it was the first game of the genre I've played. Anyway, as for A5, I found it quite nice, although the linearity bothered me a lot sometimes - but I, for one, think that the unique bosses improved the game, at least to the extent that linearity didn't bother me that much. And also some game long quests/encounters (like Dionicio) I found really nice. I don't know, but I LIKE the game.
  17. Hey, I just found out that "thrown rock" ability has a "ab_effect_per_level = 6"!!! More than even razordisks! Anyone else noticed that? Hm, but it appears that no item uses that ability, odd!
  18. I'm just preparing to play Avernum 5 and I need some information to start: In terms of damage: Are dexterity, bows/thrown and sharpshooter the same? Are strength, melee/pole, blademaster, anatomy and assasination the same? Are intelligence, mage/priest and magery the same? + Lethal blow, anatomy and assasination effect neither, bows nor spells, right? But battle disciplines do? Thanks
  19. Quote: Actually, the loading screen in G4 says wingbolts were made using an artila design applied to a bat. In other words, the artila design modifies or modified an existing, normal animal. Well, who says bats aren't shaped.
  20. Quote: If you want an infinite supply of monsters then do the Shaper's Camp in the south of the Forsaken Lands and Western Morass. Well, but be warned that the first is VERY difficult! And you may become overwhelmed even with a very strong party.
  21. I think it's seven or six. But if you DO want it to change, you can as well use them all, IF YOU DARE!!! Well, I actually checked at the gamefaqs FAQ page (by Matt P, and it is actually a very helpful page ) and it says: "Should I use canisters? Either go all out, or don't go much at all. You will find several canisters throughout the game, but using them has a price. Don't use more than 6 if you don't want to pay that price! Click to reveal.. Alterations, however, don't cost a thing other than gold. " So, if you DON'T want the ending to change, then don't use more than six
  22. Thanks, but now I have a problem when I'm drawing walls in the outdoors. There's just one set of walls behaving normally, while others just some white rectangular shaped shapes.
  23. I don't quite understan what you meant, bu there are, as far as I know, TWO beings that are named "cresent thahd" and "cresent shade" and they DROP a "cresent stone" or a "stone cresent" (don't remember exactly). It looks like an ordinary rock. A thahd is somewhere at Dry wastes or Western wastes or somewhere there in those Wastes. While the shade is, I think, in the Drayk's vale. You have to actually carry that stone cresent thingy with you when you come to the Inner crypt door (entrance). Hope that helps. EDIT: You have to actually pick up the stone.
  24. I just realised that there are, or al least were, some editor remakes, something called 3-D editor and something at sourceforge. What are those things? Can they be used by new scenario makers? What are the pros and cons? Which one is the best for a novice? Where can one obtain it/them? Thanks!
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