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corrupted save file A5

Upper Flangerria

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My computer froze while playing A5, fortunately, i had just saved. but when i got back into the game something must have gone wrong with the save file. I'm in the same spot i was when i saved, but the map is all dark (like i haven't explored anything). I get lots of script errors, like "no body declared" and "dialogue something something", basically getting errors for everything. I would have reverted to an autosave, but i didn't think of this until after extreme frustration set in and i started a new game (overwritting the autosave). Am i totally boned, or is there something i can do to fix the save file?

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Just for future reference, this is a good example of why it's often best to keep more than one save file. (I myself use a second save file whenever I'm in a dungeon where I can't go back to the entrance--there are enough of these that if I do get out again and screw up later on, I don't have to backtrack too far.) As for your specific problem, I don't know enough about computers to answer it, but it might be worthwhile to ask what happened to freeze the game. This might be an undiscovered bug.

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