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Blades of Avernum (Win)


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When I click on it, it says

C:/Program Files/Blades of Avernum/Blades of Avernum.exe


A device attached to the system is not functioning. (This one has a red circle with a white x through it)


The BLADES OF AVERNUM.EXE file is linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:GetLongPathNameA


Those two things pop up. I am running Windows95 if it matters.

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The fact that 95 is quite similar to 98 (but with quite a number of subtle differences) means Jeff probably said 95, thinking it'd work on it because it runs fine on 98, but one of the subtle differences is used by BoA without Jeff realising.


I seem to recall a problem with GetLongPathNameA() before, and believe there is a suitable replacement function which exists in 95. smile

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Originally written by Micael 456:
If it doesn't work on 95 you'll have to get a later version of windows. It works for 98SE, or you can just find a copy of the file that you need and put it into your WINDOWS folder. The system won't pay any attention to it - But BoA will. just an idea... rolleyes
KERNEL32.DLL <-- That is the DLL file it's looking for the right version of. And it's essentially the core of windows. So if you replace it, you'll probably totally muck up your system.
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