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  1. Unless you wanted to keep the injury and status of the current monster, of course.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: But what's going on with that idea about making these things designer-editable? I thought we were going to have a new database soon that would allow us to go in and update things directly instead of e-mailing and waiting. I have it set up, I just need data. A DB dump from Alexandria would work.
  3. Well, Exile III savefiles appear to be pretty much memory dumps, so that doesn't surprise me. If they're anything like BoE/Exile scenario files, manipulating them would be trivial.
  4. T Thuryl do you know whether Kaimorad was a hacked/recompiled version of Blades of Exile, or a complete rewrite? Because the former proves to be intensely difficult (BoE's internals are like Sesame Street, except without the sesame or the street and with extra rape), and any rewrite of BoE would logically turn into something completely different. That's what happened with Pyg. I still remember the IRC discussion where (I think it was still Gemini at the time, too) we decided that reverse compatibility didn't matter -- and the floodgates opened.
  5. No, what happened to me was different -- Apache was refusing my connections. What's happened to m's devotee is a known bug, I think; didn't it happen to TGM once? The question is, is the "banned" account labeled as such? UBB is buggy as hell, so it's not unlikely that somehow the permissions got screwed up. And 'wget' is an HTTP/FTP fetching program; I was using it to mirror the SW forums.
  6. Quote: Originally written by PantherShadow: Thuryl is just about as old as it gets when it comes to the older crew, actually. He's hardly a SW tyro.
  7. E3 for Linux sucks. It was an incredibly poor idea executed poorly. You see, it was basically a source port using winelib. It's been shown time and time again that the performance advantage of winelib is minimal; you're basically just packing Wine into your program. When you run E3 for Linux, you're basically running Windows E3 with an old version of Wine. The best choice is to run E3 for Windows with a new version of Wine -- it's much, much better. By the way, every Spiderweb game I've tried runs more or less flawlessly under Wine, from E1 to BoA. I haven't tried Geneforge on it, b
  8. Specifics are always the least important part of scenarios. A vague sense of the plot and a laundry list of different "neat things" included doesn't exactly engender faith in the coherence and plot. Why are you asking, anyway? If you like the idea, go ahead with it. If you feel you must put "neat things" in it, then plan it out -- don't hinge your scenario on such a thing until you know you're able to do it. The best way to find out whether something is feasible is just to do it. This is a young medium -- if someone had asked in '99 whether movies could be made with Blades of Exile,
  9. On Windows, Print Screen dumps the screenshot into the clipboard as a bitmap. No file is made until you paste and save it.
  10. Well, it's common RPG fodder. I know in NWN OC, people freak out if you wander around naked. "You must have the PLAGUE!!! HUAUGUAUGUAUGUAUBUAUHALBHGL" It's cute.
  11. Which is fine and dandy except for the people using dialup.
  12. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: The problem with GIFs is that they're copyrighted; you can't use the GIF format for commercial purposes without written permission. The patent Unisys held on LZW expired in June. GIFs are now legally unencumbered; however, they're a relatively poor choice for game graphics. GIF is very dated; it's an 8-bit indexed format ideal only for simple graphics with large blocks of color. JPEG would of course be a terrible choice, being lossy. I use PNG -- more colors, better compression.
  13. Hmm. I suppose I could make a quick script to import the tab-delineated data into a SQL database. Send it over to mboeh at desperance dot net and I'll see what I can do with it.
  14. Brett, what format can you get the Alexandria data to me in? It would be useful to have an existing dataset to work on.
  15. I doubt Linda the wizard was named after Linda the glorified secretary. I think the character predates the employee.
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