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Servile Won't Move Out of My Way


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I am in Belik's Inn, a Shade followed me to the Inn and the Servile Warrior moved to the doorway to defend. We killed the Shade but now the Servile is in the doorway and I can't get back out. Is there someway to get the Servile to move, I have tried different things but nothing is working, and I really don't want to go back to the previous save I have done too much in the meantime and don't want to lose all that I have accomplished.

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Originally posted by USA-se Xenerali-boariku CUSITURA:

I recall you being able to shoot one person for free, and the next one turning the town hostile. I did this to make guards in Drypeak fight each other once.


That depends on the town's crime tolerance. Drypeak has a tolerance of 7, while Belik's Crossing has a tolerance of 2; lower numbers mean less tolerance. No area in Geneforge 2 has a tolerance above 8. Therefore, Belik's Crossing will probably turn hostile if you do that; I don't know how much each crime counts for.



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