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Not something involved with spidweb games, but please help me.

Captain Uglyhead

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There's this thing that keeps getting into my computer, and it keeps spitting porn ads at me.


Don't get me wrong, from time to time I may get an urge and go looking, but I don't want porn launched at me every bloody minute.


I've tried using ad-aware 6, but it seems to be slipping past it now. AA6 got rid of it the first time, but it just keeps coming back whenever I try to use the internet.


Someone, please, help me.

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Ad-aware won't help you with that. You've got a nice little program someone installed on your computer that's really messing with you.


Try running msconfig. Do so by clicking on start, then run, and type "msconfig." You should see a list of programs, one of them is probably the culprit. In addition, others have had this problem, and I'd suggest looking at the topic here

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One more problem. I was going to try to get help from spywareinfo.com, but now I cannot access it. My connection keeps failing, despite the fact I could access it just fine yesterday.


Could the programs that afflict my computer be so organized and clever? I hope not.


Any suggestions on how to get around this problem?

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have you tried anti virus? there are FREE online scans from symantec(www.symantec.com), mcafee, (www.mcafee.com), and a faster but not as through one called HouseCall, deveoped by TrendMicro whom made PC-cillin.


try spybot again. id put my heart to spybot s&d. if nothing works, backup all your data(dont forget gamesave files) and reinstall windows. you'll probably need new keys for ur spiderweb games.

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