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  1. IMHO, I think the reload system with the batons in the GF series was quite cool. So maybe in A5 you can have ammo again, and you can carry as many arrows as you like. However, you can only carry a certain amount in your current quiver, and you have to either reload when it runs out, or manually reload whenever you feel like it. Then again, not having ammo in A4 was part of what made archery on par with everything else... =\
  2. Orcs are for Warcraft. Sliths, Nephils and Vahnatai are good enough...
  3. Orcs are for Warcraft. Sliths, Nephils and Vahnatai are good enough...
  4. Yea, I also noticed that the savegames are close to 20 Mb. A4 seems to be very inefficient in CPU usage as well. Even while idling and typing this post, A4 managed to eat up just under 50% CPU time. Saving also produces some sort of lag spike, but I expect that.
  5. I used a haste scroll, and used my spearman (with about a million points in quick strike) to stab the Vahnatai to death while everybody else attacked the pylons. My spearman managed to do enough damage to kill him one turn after I took out the last pylon... O_o; EDIT: On a related note, A4's incarnation of Wise Man is a black man with robes and an iron spear?
  6. The more characters you have, the more useful First Aid becomes. After all, it heals HP and SP after each battle.
  7. And I'm feeling better. I mean, you actually translated gibberish into English!
  8. I've also beat the game a few times, so I know too And, quite frankly, item number 1 gives you the best bang for the buck. I mean, who doesn't like to be swimming in the bling? Oh, and for the record, everybody hates double posts like that. Next time, please use the edit button on top of your post.
  9. I remember robbing the Anama this one time when I had a warrior/priest + warrior/mage duo. It was fun burning anything that moves in Bigail to warm up for the last leg of the game, after you finish all the quests
  10. He's trying to roleplay on a forum. Except, being the noob he is, he decided to do it on all of his posts.
  11. A single mage/priest. Add a fighter if necessary.
  12. Wise Man - singleton warrior/priest/mage. Owned. For the record, I spammed Knowledge Brews. :nods:
  13. Again, which Avernum are you talking about? Anyway, you don't really need the food. Just hold 5 on the number pad (pause) until you recover your HP and SP.
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