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New game, new bugs


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Okay, well, maybe I should've volunteered to try beta testing this one, because I've already run into two really annoying bugs, one of which makes the game unplayable for me.


For one thing, the first thing that I see when I load the game, and which pops up very frequently when I move around, is the following litany: (These are, of course, just the last few lines, the rest scrolls by too quickly to even see.)


PC Base increases Priest Spells by 1.

PC Base increases Arcane Lore by 2.

PC Base increases Nature Lore by 4.

Thalen increases Strength by 1.

Thalen increases Dexterity by 3.

Thalen increases Intelligence by 2.

Thalen increases Endurance by 1.

Thalen increases Melee Weapons by 4.

Thalen increases Hardiness by 2.

Thalen increases Mage Spells by 1.

Thalen increases Arcane Lore by 2.

Thalen increases Tool Use by 4.


That rapidly scrolls anything else that pops up off the screen when it repeats, sometimes before I even have the chance to read the 'everything else.' Incidentally, none of my characters are actually called 'PC Base', but (obviously) one of them is called Thalen.


That's the first bug. The second is worse.


When I open a door, nothing beyond it is shown, nor can I walk there; it's all just black. The only way for me to see what is beyond a door is to open it, then save the game, then load the game. And then everything shows up. The same is true of *any* black area. So if an area is blocked by walls, and then I walk around to where I should be able to see it, it's still the 'shadow' graphics and I can't walk there, until I save and then reload.


Specifics of my machine: Mac OS 10.4.3, Powerbook G4 15", 1.25 gHz, 2 gigs RAM, hooked to an Apple 23" Cinema Display, and NOT running in resolution-change mode. (That is to say, running at the full resolution, 1920x1200, with A4 surrounded by a rather broad black border.


(I'd much rather run in a window, if I could figure out how to, but as it is I have to command-tab around every few minutes to do something else, so changing to 1024x768 would be an exercise in heartburn.)

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You may be right... I just quit, reran, and reloaded, and it didn't happen. (Before, I tried just reloading, and that didn't fix the problem.) I've command-tabbed out and mucked about and gone back in and it doesn't seem to have done it this time. But there may be something else you have to do, I don't know.

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Another bug: I'm running in 800x600, thousands of colours, and when it starts I tell it not to change the resolution (my screen flickers at higher ones). It then pops up a message saying that it needs to be at 800x600 at thousands of colours to run. (It also claims to be Geneforge at this point, but that is another matter)

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