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    Daze bug

    An Avadon bug. If you successfully 'daze' a monster that gets to go multiple times in a round (not one with loads of AP or a haste effect, but with two full turns per round), it appears that it only removes one of the turns. Here's what I saw: Was in the spider area of the Dhorla Woods. Attacking a Widowspawn and a bunch of Young Widowspawn. My tank bit it, so in desperation I hit them all with daze, and got a lucky shot in: the Widowspawn was dazed. And then it ran up and chomped the heck out of my sorceress. And then it says 'dazed, miss a turn' or whatever that message is. And then we get to go, and then it moves again, and then it ... says 'dazed, miss a turn'. If I hover my pointer over it, it still says it's dazed.
  2. It also happens in Torment with regular monsters, not just bosses or mini-bosses. For example, the spiders guarding the trapdoor in the lower-right-hand corner of the 'mage tower' map. Three normal-looking widowspawn (I believe) that move twice per round. What with the widowspawn area effect attacks, that's surprisingly nasty.
  3. I had assumed, when playing on Torment, that all the enemies would hit harder and be more accurate, and frequently have more APs (and therefore be able to go twice when it's their turn. What I wasn't expecting was the enemies that have 10 APs (or a way to haste themselves) AND also seem to move at least twice (and possibly some three times, though none of the ones I've tested have thus far) for each time my main character moves. And no, none of my characters are stunned or dazed or anything like that when this happens. What I mean is, I am seeing the following: Enemies all go, with 10 APs, so each one gets off a spell and an attack (for example). My main character goes. Enemies all go, another spell and an attack. My other characters go. And then the whole sequence repeats itself. At this point, with enemies that aren't widely spread out (so I can just get one or two of them at once) and that have magical area attacks, it's pretty rare that at least one of my characters isn't already unconscious, before they've gotten a single turn. I understand that torment is supposed to be difficult, but I'm kind of surprised at this: it feels like it breaks the rules of the game. It feels contrived. 'Oh, didn't we mention? There's an extra space in the turn sequence, called 'bad guys go again for no apparent reason!'.' It also means that, in Torment, some avenues of training are enormously more important than others. Is that just how Torment is supposed to feel?
  4. So, you might want to consider poking your mirrors, because at least one of the download links (the third one) is not actually distributing version 1.0.1 of your file. To be fair, right next to your download links on that page, it still says to download version 1.0.
  5. You may be right... I just quit, reran, and reloaded, and it didn't happen. (Before, I tried just reloading, and that didn't fix the problem.) I've command-tabbed out and mucked about and gone back in and it doesn't seem to have done it this time. But there may be something else you have to do, I don't know.
  6. Okay, well, maybe I should've volunteered to try beta testing this one, because I've already run into two really annoying bugs, one of which makes the game unplayable for me. For one thing, the first thing that I see when I load the game, and which pops up very frequently when I move around, is the following litany: (These are, of course, just the last few lines, the rest scrolls by too quickly to even see.) PC Base increases Priest Spells by 1. PC Base increases Arcane Lore by 2. PC Base increases Nature Lore by 4. Thalen increases Strength by 1. Thalen increases Dexterity by 3. Thalen increases Intelligence by 2. Thalen increases Endurance by 1. Thalen increases Melee Weapons by 4. Thalen increases Hardiness by 2. Thalen increases Mage Spells by 1. Thalen increases Arcane Lore by 2. Thalen increases Tool Use by 4. That rapidly scrolls anything else that pops up off the screen when it repeats, sometimes before I even have the chance to read the 'everything else.' Incidentally, none of my characters are actually called 'PC Base', but (obviously) one of them is called Thalen. That's the first bug. The second is worse. When I open a door, nothing beyond it is shown, nor can I walk there; it's all just black. The only way for me to see what is beyond a door is to open it, then save the game, then load the game. And then everything shows up. The same is true of *any* black area. So if an area is blocked by walls, and then I walk around to where I should be able to see it, it's still the 'shadow' graphics and I can't walk there, until I save and then reload. Specifics of my machine: Mac OS 10.4.3, Powerbook G4 15", 1.25 gHz, 2 gigs RAM, hooked to an Apple 23" Cinema Display, and NOT running in resolution-change mode. (That is to say, running at the full resolution, 1920x1200, with A4 surrounded by a rather broad black border. (I'd much rather run in a window, if I could figure out how to, but as it is I have to command-tab around every few minutes to do something else, so changing to 1024x768 would be an exercise in heartburn.)
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