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Problems with Blades of Exile


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Blades of Exile (the latest version) doesn't seem to run well on my PowerPC G4 with OS X 10.4.3. For example, most of the time it plays the sounds one click too late.


I'd be very thankful and glad for a carbonized version of Blades of Exile, because scenarios are still made for it and I want to play them.

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I run it in the Classic mode. That's when the problems happen.


If there's no solution to at least the sound problem, the game doesn't work properly enough.


That means I won't play it on my new computer, which means I might not finish my two scenarios. (Depends on how long I'm able to use my old computer.)

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It could have something to do with Game Speed, which is adjustable in the Preferences of the game. And if that doesn't work, BoE is actually kinda fun if you play it with the 'No Sounds' option turned on.


Seriously though, having your sounds a beat too late shouldn't be too heinous a problem. The game should still be quite enjoyable.

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Technically, this doesn't make the game unplayable, except for some sound puzzles maybe.


But it's frustrating, because I've been used to playing with sounds on and I like them. I suspect that I may not want to play it because I have other games that are able to play their sounds.


I am also worried, especially because of rumours that it doesn't run at all on Intel macs.

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Originally written by Tyranicelt:
With the Intel macs, you can dual-boot between MacOS X and Windows XP. (and presumably Vista when it comes out) This should allow you to keep playing BoE for years to come. smile
The trouble is that even if you boot into Mac OS X, Classic mode doesn't work at all on Intel Macs. BoE is a Classic application. Ergo, it will not run on Intel Macs.
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