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Download problems

Princess Ruth

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I've been playing Exile on a Mac for years, and just got a new PC which I've tried to download Blades onto. Unfortunately, everytime I try to install it says my autoexec file doesn't support programs for windows and dos (or words to that effect). The first time I tried I managed to install and play, which then crashed my computer completely and I had to do a system restore. Now it won't even let me install the basic program that you download. Any ideas?

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Thanks for all your help, but I need more! (sorry).

Reconfiguring my autoexec and config files fixed the autoexec but shifted the problem to the config, and nothing I did would remove the problem. Seems that changing the config mended the autoexec and vice versa, but nothing would do both. I think the problem is autoexec in my c:\I386 folder. Anyone with some computer knowledge would really be in my good books right now! Thankyou

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Here are some things that I would do:


1. restart your comuter


3. if that doesn't work then re-install Exile.


2. if those two things don't work then archive all of your stuff onto DVDs or CDs. Re-Install the system. THIS IS LAST RESORT!


Hope his helps


P. S. Question: Is this the first Exile?


P. P. S. Question: Why did you leave Mac?

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You can take my Mac once you pry my cold, dead fingers off the mouse . . .


On a mac re-installing is really easy, but you have Windows frown . . .

Do you have a system disk (CD)? If you do then you should just be able to pop that little baby in there and follow the on-screen instructions.


If not you may need to contact Microsoft here.

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