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Don't tell me!!

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FBM, it is also impolite to be annoying deliberately.


As this appears to have been an accidental double-post, I'm guessing all but the most petty will let it slide.


To were244: I'm sure you'd get a bunch of people talking if you came up with an interesting subject. There are plenty of people on these boards who have played GF, but we need a topic for discussion.

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Yeah, this place isn't very populated - but everyone that likes GENEFORGE is over in the new GENEFORGE 2 forum - cause the game's both bigger and better. And after GENEFORGE 2, we're all expecting BoG.


I mean - what's there to say. We're all talking about BoA. Which is Jeff's best game yet...


- Archmagi Micael

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I'm not sure that we can call the Blades games Jeff's. BoA will be the community's best game so far, I think.


Seriously, this scripting engine rocks. And if Jeff is actually telling the truth when he claims that he will support it better than he did BoE -- and it already looks like he is and he will -- then we'll have a really good system here.


Geneforge commies. Jeez.


EDIT: Just realized that I was posting on the Geneforge board. I love Geneforge! It's the best! Well, it's good, anyway.

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