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  1. On sedond thought, nothing. Let the man keep his dreams. ^^
  2. I wouldn't actually consider myself a newbie, dear member #5181.. Oh, unless you actually are a secondary account of a member who's been here longer than me (= your member number is less than 1098, and you're not a WELL known and member (ie. Kel, Aran, Stugie, etc.). Also, flaming The Misterhood is quite bad an idea. Things like that tend to cause massive flame wars, in which both sides get shot to pieces. Quote: The idea that you're entitled to tell people what to do is hilarious. I've ORDERED you to leave BoE forum, now? Learn to read. To SUGGEST ain't even close to ORDERING/F
  3. Arenax fails at both mockery and thinking. Suggesting you to leave a forum DEDICATED TO A GAME YOU DISLIKE AND KEEP ON DISSING isn't whining.
  4. Creature graphic numbers, Kel. 1-1533 Ogre 2-1534 Ogre Mage 3-1550 Haakai 4-1565 Triad Member/Royal Mage 5-1566 Slith Avatar 6-1570 Demonic Creature (Av1 leftover, not used in Av2) 7-1607 Rakshasha 8-1608/1609 Naga 9-1611 Garzhad 10-1612 Empire Soldier 11-1619/1620 Mutant Giant 12-1621/1622 Efreet
  5. Quote: TGM: BoE > BoA, actually. Quote: Arenax: TGM: Keep drinkin' that koolaid. I'm not allowed to have a personal opinion? New members aren't required to COMPLETELY SCREW THEMSELVES UP here, you know. Just leave this Blades of EXILE forum, if the game, in your opinion, is sucky. Oh, in conclusion, [added the pic, yay!]
  6. I'm in favour of the option 1, too. The moment a tool like that pops out, I'll begin designing a serious BoA scenario. Seriously. ^^
  7. Actually, his age is widely known. Also, let me present you, the Code of Conduct of these boards (which you are, by the way, breaking like no member before). Please note, I have bolded the parts you're guilty of. Quote: What constitutes a minor infraction for a member: + Repeated posting of off-topic material on non-Miscellaneous forums. + Posting unauthorized copyrighted material + Using vulgarity in any language (whether it's in the open, masked, or abbreviated) + Faulty accusation of a member or moderator, including calling for the leaving or banning of a member that
  8. +t screws up. The Administration hits +t (999). +t is KIKBANND. ^^
  9. Yes, Soldberg has been informed about that. Many times, in many threads. ^^
  10. got me tehre, didnt u, heh, whatre u, a ************* genuis ur sumthin lol. well anyway shere, have a cookie. or lol, two haha XD !!1! XD
  11. You, sirs, have problems. And no, that's not flaming, just a fact. ^^
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