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  1. Prompted about seeing vague reviews and comments about the new movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I figured I should probably read the book myself and I have just finished it about a minute ago. A Finnish translation of course. This is one of the times I really wish I'd actually learned some Swedish in school, but oh well. The whole trilogy's been sitting on our bookshelf for years but I hadn't picked them up before. Definitely my bad. It was a wonderfully gripping read.
  2. I read Beautiful Child by Torey Hayden after hearing one of my (now ex-)co-workers telling about it. It sounded interesting. True story. She's written several books about the experiences she's had with troubled children. I find psychology interesting, so after that book, I wanted to read more of hers. So now, in nearly three days I've read six more and I have the last one waiting for me. They would be One Child and its second part The Tiger’s Child, Murphy’s Boy (or Silent Boy), Ghost Girl, Somebody Else’s Kids, Just Another Kid and Twilight Children. In Finnish obviously. I had no interest in
  3. I pretty much use FB just to play games. I try to avoid being social with anyone.
  4. Finland's summers are too hot for me as well. Fortunately, this year it seems we will have a cool summer. I'm already looking forward to it. Also, I've been out of school for a couple of years. Now I just enjoy my current unemployment.
  5. You'll have to come back later. When you return for Nathalie's personal quest, the gate will have opened.
  6. The gate is open for a time sometime in the middle game, but closes eventually. I didn't actually check it out then, because I figured I would have time round the end, only to find out it was closed. It warns you that it might be a bad idea to explore there, but apparently the only thing that happens is that Redbeard questions you about it. There was a previous discussion about it somewhere. :\
  7. Hm, my bad apparently. I was too quick to blame you, sorry. The text indeed had gotten cut off near the end, but I downloaded it again, and now it works fine. Thanks.
  8. The deluxe editor doesn't work. Clicking the first or second option does nothing, though third works, but you should add a quit option to that. Like, maybe I want just lockpicks and nothing else.
  9. Well... Click to reveal.. All your bas-
  10. The Cartographer isn't even that much of a custom title, because more than one people have it. I know at least silver and Rache are Cartographers, but perhaps there's more?
  11. I think they're nice new titles - not that they affect me, apparently. I don't mind, of course. I think it's fitting that something changes with the boards when a new game comes out. It shows this place is alive. More or less.
  12. Originally Posted By: Matanbuchus t Riibu booky.fi, nopeasti selailtuna näytti koko tuotanto löytyvän, plus ilmaiset toimitukset. katos, en tiennytkään tällaisesta sivustosta. Aika hyvän oloinen, mutta sen verran snobi olen Pratchettin kirjojen suhteen, että niitä hankin vain englanniksi ja niitä siellä ei näyttänyt olevan kuin Hogfather (omistan) ja Guards! Guards! mutta väärällä kannella. Näin tarkka olen. Mutta vastaisuuden varalle pistän kyllä sivun muistiin. For others, I lament the fact that I'm still missing many Discworld books. (or something like that) All in good time. I've mor
  13. Rereading Discworld novels, and some. Pratchett's Nation (which isn't Discworld), then I'd bought Unseen Academicals and after that I just figured 'let's keep going on with these', and grabbed The Truth from my bookcase. Now I've read Going Postal and halfway through Making Money. Next, I think I'll go for Monstrous Regiment and at the same time see if I could find somewhere the older books to buy, as any of my regular bookstores don't carry them in their store selections anymore. I only have some of them.
  14. I reread Facing the Lion just now. It's an autobiography by one Simone Liebster. It's mostly about her childhood as a Witness during the second world war.
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