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GF3 Shapers Missing! Help!

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So I am hoping that people will read this even if it's 2024, but I think my game might have gotten bugged! I am playing as a rebel, killed Khyryk, and now when I go to Maker's End, there is no one at the camp where I'm reading the shapers are supposed to be! I am just trying to get to the last island, but I've been completely stuck. My backup save is all the way back to the last island, before I made all my artifacts! Hoping there's something simple I'm missing.

Maker's Road/End has been stuck as red too, and I'm not sure to clear it.

 Thank you!!

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Have you told the Rebels in Stonesppire that you killed Khyryk? They should give you the keys you need to leave the island in the Gull north Docks.


I haven't played through as a Rebel, however Matt P/'s Guide to GF3 will give you how to fight through the zones. I think you need to kill the Shapers since yo are now a Rebel.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You won't need it as a canister adduced Rebel. :)

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Faustyflakes said:

I am playing as a rebel

Welcome to the Rebellion!!! 

Profile.png.76b4a3b9e7bcb4c79f5a6e0098d887b4.png <==Flag of the Takers, Drayk / Drakon head over two swords. 



The Rebels in GF3 are not selling their cause well. In fact, they sell it horrifically. If you joined the Rebels at this game, then you are one of us. 

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Dug out my old copy of the Geneforge III Book of Answers to confirm. It says that if you're playing as rebel, you kill Khyryk, report it to Master Elek in Stonespire, and receive the key to reach the boat in Khor's Deeps. You don't need to do anything about Shapers at Maker's End.

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