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Training, fatigue

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Searching here and Steam I see lots of posts/arguments about order and levels of trainers/spell books.

Just at level 5/6 and ran across trainer Vermees in Formello who has two books. My question is more basic:

how do I USE them?


Are you supposed to read them? I can't find them in my inventory anywhere. If they're automatic, what do they DO?
I see zero change in my stats.  For my blademaster/melee book does it increase crit chance, percentage to hit, damage?

No idea, nothing I can find anywhere. I've spent around 1700, but how do I know what I'm getting? Don't see anything about

training in F1/Help.


Also, as soon as my berserker takes a melee action he's fatigued. What do I do about that? Again, nothing in Help about fatigue.

Looking through posts before buying the game think I saw something about gear that reduces fatigue but don't remember where I saw

it and haven't run across any such gear yet.



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To read a book, there is usually a chair next to it that you move your character into. There is always a specific place that you need to be at to trigger Avernum books. 


Most  books have an Arcane Lore requirement to understand them.


Fatigue drops every round until you can act again. Some items will give you a chance to have fatigue go away faster.


Good luck.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door.  We are using it to take up a collection for Jeff. :)

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Um, so I eagerly walked into the Chance Temple in Formello to buy an 'Improve Smite' book for my priest.

Once purchased, same thing. ....no chair, walked around looking for 'a specific place' to trigger the book.

Nada. Again have no idea what I should do or whether I got something for my money.


Either I'm a little dumber than I should be or this process is a little more obscure than it needs to be.

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Just read a post on Gog.com forum that said to train you have to go to towns that have a building for that

purpose--the first such being on a road west of Fort Avernum (haven't gone west so far, just north to explore)?


I'll travel there next, but boy am I confused so far(e.g., is this special building for a different kind of training than

reading a book??--guess I'll find out!).

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Hello Beluga25,


You’re not being dumb! It sounds like you’re just slightly misinterpreting the game’s interface. I believe you and Randomizer have been talking slightly at cross-purposes so far, so I’ll see what I can do to set things right!


When you go shopping in Avernum, the shops display icons that indicate the type of item you’re buying. For non-physical things, like spells and skills, the game displays a book icon. That doesn’t mean you’re buying an *actual* book – it’s just an indication that you’re buying knowledge, rather than some physical item.


So those 'books' you’ve been buying are just some form of *knowledge*. That’s all! Your party member will use them automatically, so you don’t need to worry about ‘activating’ these things. That’s happened already!


How can you see those bits of knowledge you’ve brought, and what do they do? Well, to find out, you’ll need to go to the ‘Statistics’ panel of your player. Look at the party roster, on the left-hand side of the screen, and click on the question mark next to the player who bought the skill. That’s probably the topmost player, unless you actively selected someone else.




In the window that appears, you’ll see a set of squares. These all represent skills. If you hover your mouse over a square, it will display what that skill does. If you hover your mouse over the square showing the sword with round arcs above it, you’ll see that’s the ‘Blademaster’ skill. By buying the ‘Blademaster’ skill from the shop you mentioned, you effectively increase this skill by one – so you’re paying money to increase a skill, rather than spending the skill-points you get when you level up. That’s what those sorts of ‘books’ do!




Note that there’s a second page of these skill squares that refer to further skills. Click on the ‘Magic/Misc’ tab on the window to show these.


But what about that spell you bought? To learn about these, click on ‘See Spells/Abilities’ on the bottom-left of the Statistics panel. This will change the view to show the spells you’ve learned. If there’s a number next to the spell, you know how to cast it. The higher the number, the better you are at casting that spell.


So, what you did by buying that Smite ‘book’ was to increase the number by the Smite spell for the player who bought it. If you check the Spells/Abilities panel for that player, you’ll see that their Smite level is probably 2 (since most players start the game with 1 level of Smite already). So by buying that book, you’ve made that player better at casting Smite!


(Note that if the spell is greyed out then, even though you know it, you can’t yet cast it. You’ll need to either increase your Mage or Priest Spells skill to meet the minimum requirements for casting the spell.)




To summarise, by buying those ‘books’ at shops, you’re automatically increasing your knowledge. So you don’t need to do anything else. You’ve already improved yourself! If you want to know how much, check on the Statistics and Spells/Abilities page!


Does that help at all?

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Omg, this is the most helpful response I've ever had on a forum--and I'm an old-school gamer as well

as being old, so I've read and posted on many forums, lol!


I'm printing this and will read and re-read it a couple of times to let everything sink in.


THANK YOU so much!!


And Randomizer, thank you too for the follow-up on actual trainers, 😁.


You guys are the best!!


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