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QW2 - Fort dedications


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I believe fort dedications are permanent, and so was hoping for a bit of direction on optimizing them. I plan to play a pretty loyalist playthrough on veteran, with 1 melee, 1 archer, 2 spellcasters (if that matters).


Current plan is to go:

4 Ro - Just to get the bonus rep here since I am guessing most of my loyalist choices are going to give -Ro rep so this might balance a little?

1 Knowledge - Get energy potions

Rest Industry.


Any pros/cons of the above would be appreciated!




PS: What is the max number of dedications?


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I've been thinking through the same question. Overall I think the best option is *probably* 1 knowledge / 2 industry / 4 rho OR 1/3/3 depending. That assumes you are taking mad flurry and resolve of the rho. 


That's based on a few assumptions though. First is that you're generally making pro Haven reputation choices and / or pissing off the rho, such that the rho rep is useful to you. Second is that your characters have the spare points for those skills. Third is that your party has an even split between magic and physical damage. 


If your party balances towards physical damage then industry has a lot of advantages. 


Edit: seven forts total so seven upgrades. It's probably best to upgrade knowledge first as energy potions are often the difference between a failed dungeon run and a successful one.

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3/3/1 Ro/Industry/Knowledge is my plan. I don't feel the 4 Ro theft reduction (the rep boost is at 3 Ro, not 4) is worth forgoing the alternatives.

In any case, I think at least 2 Industry (for Mad Flurry) and 1 Knowledge (for Energy Potions) seem almost mandatory - though obviously personal play style is a major factor. So, I guess I'm in line with Dr. Hieronymous above.

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