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Pylon with bare spot / patch?


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14 hours ago, Randomizer said:

The pain is from doing them in the wrong order except for one that gives a prize if you have the right mechanics level. You probably aren't far enough in the game to find the first one in the correct order.


good luck with them.

Hmm.  I've found a few of them and am really not sure what order I'm supposed to follow.  I've been bouncing around the island a fair bit and think I'm pretty far into the game - I just stole 


Goettsch's Shaper Gloves and have picked up the entry and control batons.


3 minutes ago, alhoon said:

Hmmm? I don't remember those pylons. Where  are they?


They're listed in the Atlas as "bare" spot or patch.  Drayk's Vale, Diarazad, Western Wastes and Valley of the Wind.  

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The correct order starting point and hint from Matt P's guide to Geneforge 1 original game still works:

THE GREAT SECRET: Sigh. All right, I'm not going to give this one away. For one, you don't get anything really all that good out of it (at best, a pair of magic boots). Start in the Drayk's vale. Touch the pillar- and- Travel Clockwise.

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For what it's worth, a more detailed walkthrough:


There are 8 pylons with bare spots:

  1. Drayk's Vale
  2. Ancient Crypt
  3. Diarazad
  4. The Junkyard
  5. The Dry Wastes
  6. Western Wastes
  7. Valley of the Wind
  8. Spirit's City

Touch each pylon in that order, and you will complete a ritual pilgrimage.  You will then be allowed to enter the inner temple in Spirit's City.  Talk to the Priest Shade and learn some interesting history.  

I don't know where the magic boots come into it, but maybe I'd collected the boots on my earlier journeys through those regions.

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When I saw topic name I thought it was about enemy pylons.
Just found out in the Eastern Docks with my 8 stealth that I can spam up to 4 rounds of attacks while standing on maximum shooting distance without them attacking back, only sending me single stunning ray in return after 4 rounds. For my character it's ~4-6 firebolts before I've get a chance to take damage from them.


Figured it out! Maybe it's not stealth, but an essence lance's distance. I couldn't cast it too.
Probably pylon have 2 attacks per round and choosing each time either stunning ray or essence lances. And when it cannot perform Essence Lancec it will wait.

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