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Exile Trilogy Maps

Lord Viator

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I decided to make a new topic for tacking my process in my Exile mapping, so that I don't have the conversation spread amongst multiple of other's mapping topics.


Dropbox Folder


Structure and naming convention subject to change, but the link should stay the same over time.


Currently I've done the outdoor maps for each game for each version with a unique tileset, based on all the versions I've been able to collect. If a version's tiles didn't change in a way that affected outdoor maps, I haven't generated a map for it. It seems that some reason the Windows tilesets have a much brighter palette, I'm not sure why this is. For Exile III at least, not all of the Windows tiles have this brighter look to them, so I'm not sure what reason this was done. In any case, I did both Windows and Mac versions.


For Mac:

  • Exile 1.0
  • Exile 1.1.2
  • Exile 1.1
  • Exile 2.0
  • Exile II 1.0.1*
  • Exile II 1.0.3
  • Exile II 2.0
  • Exile II 1.0.3*


For Windows:

  • Exile 1.0b*
  • Exile 1.1
  • Exile 2.0
  • Exile II 1.0
  • Exile II 2.0
  • Exile II 1.0


* I was unable to locate 1.0 versions of these games


Right now, I have a very high degree of confidence I've correctly identified each tile, and it's a matter of validating that I'm correctly drawing decorations. I have some corner frill concerns, and haven't checked Exile II roads for perfect pixel matching compared to how the game draws yet.


  • Lava/Pit/Water frills
  • Roads
  • Exile III roads where the terrain changes from grass to hills 


Once I've reached confidence that I have pixel perfection on the decorations, I'll move onto generating "annotated" outdoor maps, that display named locations, hidden passageways, safe lava, hidden events, etc.


Once I've finished with that, I'll move on to creating the town/dungeon maps.


Original inspiration threads:


Exile 1 Maps - The Exile Trilogy - Spiderweb Software Forums (ipbhost.com)

Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers) - The Exile Trilogy - Spiderweb Software Forums (ipbhost.com)

Exile III Maps - The Exile Trilogy - Spiderweb Software Forums (ipbhost.com)

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