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geneforge hint book


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I have spent a few days trying to figure this out. I purchased the game and the hintbook on steam. hintbook diretly from spideweb, linked to steam. It said is is Downloadable content, and that it is installed.


I can not figure out how to find or open it. Do I first need to start the game to get to read the hint book? I am looking all over for it. Please help

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I hate to ask the dumb question, but did you look in the folder that the game is installed in?  There might be a subfolder there labeled 'Hint Book' or some such (I don't know as that's where mine is ... but ... I was a beta tester & Jeff sent the unedited version along during testing and that's where I put it).  If you can''t find it, you could email Jeff/Spiderweb (support@spiderwebsoftware.com) with proof of purchase from Steam & he would probably email you a copy.


Until then, if you had a specific question, the Strategy Central area up at the top of this forum will probably have the answer (and LOTS of spoilers if that's a thing for you).


Good luck & welcome

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