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Love this game! I have 1 question about the map


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I am loving this game.  So fun!  


My question is, is there a way to reset the map once discovered?  I’d like to be able to return to an area and clear the minimap so I can visit all of these places in this area a second time to see if I missed anything.  Is this possible?

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2 hours ago, Frick said:

I guess I’ll just need to write down the things I know I’m unable to complete as I go.


You should be able to copy the message that "You're unable to open 'x' (or whatever)" into your journal.  That's usually how I remind myself that I need to go back to a certain area as it will describe both the area that you're in & also what you're trying to do.


However having some actual paper & pen near the computer isn't a bad idea either...

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