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Queen's Wish refresher before playing The Tormenter


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Hey everyone!


Long time lover of Spiderweb Software and Jeff's games, all the way back to Geneforge 1. 


Just picked up the Queens Wish 2: The Tormenter demo, but realized I completely forgot everything that happened in Queens Wish 1.


Does someone have a link to or could share a quick plot refresher? Thanks in advance! 

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19 hours ago, Nomka said:

(I would especially appreciate some spoilers about the Nisse because their dreams were referenced in my ending and I don't remember a lick about them :P)

You were supposed to forget your dreams and be unable to tell anyone abut what you did with the Nisse. :)


The dreams had lots of minor differences depending upon what you chose during them from helping Haven to personal greed. They wanted you to be selfish since it gave them better results than if you pushed for Haven.



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The overall concept is pretty straightforward: you're the youngest child of the Queen of Haven. You start as a spoiled brat who lived a life of luxury until the Queen decides to put you to work. She sends you Sacramentum, and island that had 3 former vassals of Haven. They broke free from Haven when "The Calamity" happened - basically an event where crops and animals started dying, and the land itself seemed to rebel against Haven until they were forced to leave the vassal lands and only maintain a small presence in central Sacramentum. Your job is to reclaim the vassals for Haven. This ends up being figuring out who's in charge, and negotiating with them (or their enemies), then choosing who the military should support for control of that region in exchange for being a vassal of Haven.


The Nisse have 3 refuges across Sacramentum and they are a mysterious group of gray-skinned people that offer you teleportation services as well as special dreams that you can purchase. Some of the dreams give you minor benefits, but if you sleep there too much, you seem to lose a part of yourself. I posted in another thread what the consequences of that are:



A lot of the dialogue in the Nisse Tower changes. For example, you get this from Sutter:

Prince(ss): "What do you mean 'Am I real?'"
Sutter: "Something about you has changed. Something is ... missing. You have lost something. I don't understand it."


When you talk to Sharyn in the Nisse Tower, it becomes clear that the same thing happened to her. They captured a piece of her soul and kept it with them.


Prince(ss): "But ... I bought Nisse dreams too."
Sharyn: "I sense a wound in you. It fills me with fear. You have ... no. It will do no good to discuss it. We must focus on other things."


Monica Therese has a bottle with you if you lose your soul to the Dreams. She sends it up to the Watchers at the top, who straight up tell you what you were missing.


Watchers: They all look at the bottle. "First, know that we hold a part of your soul. Given up by you freely. We took it, and we own a part of you." 

Prince(ss): "What does this mean?"

Watchers: "It means you are at our mercy. We will always own a part of you. We can sense you. We can curse you. You are ours."

Prince(ss): "I will do anything to get that back."
Watchers: "No. You will never find it. That part of you is gone forever, lost in dreams."

And just for reference, here's the extra ending text if you lose your soul: 

"You come to think of Sacramentum only rarely. Sometimes, though, you have dreams. Dreams of a piece of you, somewhere, lost in a strange world of eternal celebration."
"Try as you might to remember the details, you forget these dreams moments after you wake up. You eventually convince yourself that they aren't important. But the dreams never cease."


An important addition is that the first time you visit the Nisse, you get a portal call from your mom warning you never to visit them. She won't really explain why, but it eventually becomes clear that she dreamed with the Nisse too much and they have a portion of her soul. 


After getting the vassals back on board with Haven, the Calamity seems to start up again. You can either return to Haven at that point, or try to permanently deal with the Nisse, who seem to be the ones responsible for causing it. The Nisse still end up mysterious, but their motivations seem to be as simple as them wanting complete control of Sacramentum instead of you. They see the people of the land as their children and won't let anyone else take them (although they act more like abusive parents than loving ones).


They offer you wishes and partial control of Sacrementum if you'll turn back to Haven, but if you refuse, you end up fighting them in the underground. Even if you defeat them utterly, the dreams still remain if you slept at their refuges too often. Spooky.

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