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Bugs (list already emailed to Jeff; please don't post more) - typos


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NOTE TO OTHER FORUM POSTERS: I've now emailed the entire below list to Jeff (at support@spiderwebsoftware.com), email being his preferred method of receiving bug reports. In any case, by the time you're reading this, the patch (1.0.1) will likely already have dropped. Therefore, please don't post any additional typo bugs here, as they will no longer be addressed. Thank you!

1) Codex entry, DREAM OF THE TAKER: "Serviles comes after" - should be "Serviles come after" (even in unique Taker grammar, verbs always correctly agree)
2) Ascended Labs, Sessina dialogue: "eye lid" - should be "eyelid"
3) Kazg Plains, Amena dialogue: "blade close to hard" - should be "blade close to hand"
4) Kazg, Poola dialogue: "with as thumbnail" - should be "with a thumbnail"
5) Kazg, Houten dialogue: "Gnorrel, will never let me free" - should be "Gnorrel will never let me free"
6) Kazg, Gnorrel dialogue: "as the years past" - should be "as the years passed"
7) Kazg, Gnorrel dialogue: "use Shapers weapons against you" - should be "use Shapers' weapons against you" or "use Shaper weapons against you"
------------------(above already emailed to Jeff)------------------
8 )Tribal Woods, dead servile narration: "bags of scavenged junk it when she got ambushed" - should be "bags of scavenged junk when she got ambushed"
9) Icy Tunnels, sarcophagus narration: "dust rises, swirling into the form of a spectral being rises." - should be "dust rises, swirling into the form of a spectral being."
10) Wooded Valley, Anya dialogue: "all your limited grasp of the Sholai tongue enable you" - should be "all your limited grasp of the Sholai tongue enables you"
11) Barrens Bunker, intro narration: "outer walls... has been blasted" - should be "outer walls... have been blasted"
12) The Arena, Janus dialogue: "I trying to regain control" - should be "I'm trying to regain control" (guy's goofy, but this is still outside his normal speech pattern)
13) The Arena, Janus dialogue: "Its limb twitch" - should be "Its limbs twitch"
14) Patrolled Dell, southeast narration: "circle of crumbling stone" - should be "circle of crumbling stones"
15) South Workshop, Ramel narration: "is amazingly, still alive" - should be "is, amazingly, still alive"
16) Kazg, Toivo dialogue: "grabs the steel tables" - should be "grabs the steel tablets"
17) Sealed Lab, control panel narration: "control panel It is still alive" - should be "control panel. It is still alive"
18) Crossroads, Gavrila dialogue: "there was wands" - should be "there were wands"
------------------(above posted before Jeff's comment further below in forum topic)------------------
19) Freeplace, Ell dialogue: "he scratches itself" - should be "he scratches himself"
20) The Sentinels, intro narration: "still occupied, the whispers of ghosts" - should be "still occupied; the whispers of ghosts"
21) The Hill, intro narration: "at the one end of a steep valley" - should be "at one end of a steep valley"
22) Pentil, Rydell dialogue: "I can't give you order" - should be "I can't give you orders"
23) Quiet Marshes, Clois dialogue: "Trajkov on this island" - should be "Trajkov is on this island"
24) Holding Cells, Danette's Shade dialogue: "one such rod left behind" - should be "one such rod was left behind"
25) Holding Cells, lab notebook narration: "notebooks were are filled" - should be "notebooks are filled"
26) Kazg, Kyazo dialogue: "Try the merchants." - should be "Try the merchants.' " (add closing quotation mark)
27) Front Gate, augmented Sholai dialogue: "The warriors lets out a long, low snarl" - should be "The warrior lets out a long, low snarl"
28) Research Quarters, Akkat dialogue: "picks at a withered scale with its claw" - should be "picks at a withered scale with his claw"
29) Research Quarters, Loga Kau dialogue: "Come and speak with me" - should be "Come and speak with me."
30) Current Quests journal entry, Slay Akkat: "She said that you will only let you by" - should be "She said that she will only let you by"
31) Barrens Bunker, Swanwick's crazy dialogue: "One the count of ten" - should be "On the count of ten"
32) The Geneforge, Trajkov dialogue: "Will you hear me my story?" - should be "Will you hear my story?"
33) The Geneforge, Trajkov dialogue: "if there was any lands out here" - should be "if there were any lands out here"
34) The Geneforge, Trajkov dialogue: "make the good as new" - should be "make them good as new"
35) The Geneforge, Trajkov dialogue: "Trajkov seizes them gloves" - should be "Trajkov seizes the gloves"
36) The Geneforge, research notes dialogue: "letting it works its magic" - should be "letting it work its magic"
37) Ellhrah's Keep, Ellhrah dialogue: "Ellhrah suddenly become angry" - should be "Ellhrah suddenly becomes angry"

38) Ellhrah's Keep, Ellhrah dialogue: "honor of our people to support... independence." - should be "honor of your people to support... independence?"
39) Ellhrah's Keep, Ellhrah dialogue: "creatures to be crossed aside" - should be "creatures to be tossed aside"
40) The Great Temple, Goettsch dialogue: "You describe the battle to Trajkov" - should be "You describe the battle to Goettsch"

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While I appreciate what you’re trying to do here, mikeprichard, I’m not sure this type of topic is especially helpful.


I know you mean well, but mass bug topics like this can be a distraction from getting things fixed. At worst, they can least to issues not being reported, and therefore not being resolved. If you need an example of this, check out a similar thread in the Queen’s Wish forums, where there were a number of occasions in which various posters had to step in and email bug reports manually.


If you’ve found typos, then that’s great! But they don’t belong here. The designer of these games visits these forums infrequently, and those of us on the forums don’t have the power to fix them ourselves. And, for something like typos, there really isn’t any reason to wait around to collect more of them. Just send them in when you find them – that’s easier for all concerned!


So, to clarify, if you find any typos, please report them to this address:




Posting them here will just result in an unnecessary delay!

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Thanks, Ess-Eschas, but maybe I need to clarify the purpose of this topic. My intention as mentioned at the top is that this would be one place - rather than various places scattered throughout the forums, which in fact would be a distraction from larger bugs - to first collect a clear list of typos. I would then email the link/list to Jeff, hopefully in time for him to fix in the patch. This would be much more efficient than spamming Jeff with a typo at a time over email, I would think.

And yes, I've been lurking around here for over 10 years, so I'm very familiar with Jeff's m.o. - he almost never checks the forums, except for a day or two after each game releases. So yep, email has always been my way to ensure he sees something!

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12 minutes ago, mikeprichard said:

This would be much more efficient than spamming Jeff with a typo at a time over email, I would think.


Trust me, it's not. If you find a typo, just send it over before you forget! Jeff has made it clear on a number of occasions that he prefers this style of reporting, rather than long, collected reports that take a long time to work through.


So, to reiterate, there really is no need for a topic like this on these forums. Typos shouldn't be posted on here in the first place, let alone gathered together. Just send your typos over, and avoid all this complication of an intermediate step!

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I pay very little attention to any forums most of the time, but I do watch forums right after a release. If you wanted to have one bug collection thread, I would follow it. But the fastest way to get a bug alert right in front of me is to write support@spiderwebsoftware.com. Thanks! I'll look at those typos for v101.

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Thanks, Jeff - I did actually send you a couple (sorry for two) emails today and yesterday referencing this topic as well as a couple other more significant bugs. If you wouldn't mind checking back here once or twice more before dropping the patch (since I am adding a few as I go), that'd be great, but understood if you have more pressing things to do right now.

Really enjoying the remake!

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I've just completed the game, and so am done with the list of typos in the first post, as already mentioned to Jeff above and over email. Thanks to Jeff/Spiderweb for a fantastic remake - it really brought back the old nostalgia in a fresh way with many appreciated improvements. Already looking forward to wasting more time (in a very good way) on Queen's Wish 2!

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  • mikeprichard changed the title to Bugs (list already emailed to Jeff; please don't post more) - typos

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