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Avernum 3: Ruined World (remake) Play through by Jeff Vogel

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Two one hour part play throughs of Avernum 3 with voice over by Jeff Vogel:


Part 1 and Part 2


Talks about his games, answers questions, and you can see how he plays.


Saddest news during the first hour is that Queen's Wish is the last new series of games he might make. Hopefully in a few years he might change his mind. However we still have more in the Queen's Wish series and the Geneforge remakes.

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Sad news, sure, but not really unexpected. If the average of 1.5 years per game continues, remaking the last Geneforge games and completing the Queen's Wish series (which I'm guessing will be a trilogy) would still take 9 years. Adding new projects on top of that just doesn't seem realistic to me.

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