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A3: The Importance of Being Earnest

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So I bought the Anama rings from the thieves' guild chief who thinks it's a hoot to sell them to you. Nothing much interesting has come of it yet, but now I'm encountering an arcane trainer who won't train my wizard. Is this going to be a problem in getting the highest-ranked mage spells and/or getting them to level 3?

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Yes, the fake Anama rings are there to let you get past certain barriers in Shaydar. Of course this will cause other problems. :)


There are ways to remove them so you can go back to getting spells.


You don't need the highest ranked magic spells to finish the game. It's just a desire to do everything.

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Hello Everett,


I would encourage you not to remove your rings right away!


While you may not be able to buy spells from one particular person, there are plenty of people scattered throughout the game who will sell you spells. There’s quite a lot of overlap in what spells different people offer – so if you can’t buy a spell from one location, you may well be able to buy it somewhere else. I don’t believe there is any spell that is only sold by one person.


Not least, there are a number of people who won’t find your fake rings remotely important. I’d suggest trying to speak to people who might be unaware of the Anama, and what they stand for. Or, if you want more direct advice, trying speaking to the following, amongst others:



Erika and Khoth!


If you do want to remove your rings eventually, then you’ll need to head to Shayder. You can remove the rings either by talking to Ahonar, or by praying at the grand altar. Praying at the altar is perhaps slightly preferable, since this gives you the option of joining the Anama later on (if you’re curious to see what’s been denied you so far). Having Ahonar deal with your fake rings removes that as an option. However, be aware that using the altar will give you a Dread Curse for your trouble!

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