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  1. Sounds like a good time in a Klingon harem but all I really want is to open the door. (Giant headquarters.) Do I have to make all the words disappear? That's my guess. If so, how? Or what?
  2. Excellent, I'll go through all that a bit at a time. Thank you, Ess-Eschas.
  3. Clue me in to how to remove them? Any RPG's less fun for me if I can't cast everything.
  4. So I bought the Anama rings from the thieves' guild chief who thinks it's a hoot to sell them to you. Nothing much interesting has come of it yet, but now I'm encountering an arcane trainer who won't train my wizard. Is this going to be a problem in getting the highest-ranked mage spells and/or getting them to level 3?
  5. All my characters are level 18 and she still finds them "cute." When will she lay the merch down?
  6. Thanks, also I just noticed I have (2) of the special item "Dark Thoughts." "Terrifying images you saw in your journeys infect your dreams"... no idea where or when I picked this up, didn't see any text alluding to something like that. Was it from Vahkos, and does it have stat or storyline effects?
  7. In that case, after Vahkos mists out the first time you fight him, do you need Dispel Barrier to find him at the back of the castle or am I missing something?
  8. ...north or south of Storm Port? I've got a timed quest expiring in a few days and it always keeps not being the next town I find.
  9. Way too many barriers in play to deal without the spell any longer, can someone clue me into location for it?
  10. How do you retire from service? All the dialogue options in Redbeard's tower just come back to "you can't leave, it's too late for that, you have to decide what to do about his tyranny" etc
  11. There are 3 - Eye, Heart and Retirement Plan. Didn't unlock them in one playthrough; didn't unlock them the first time I played through A3 either, a few years ago. Since I'm at the end of the game now, would I have to start a new game to find them? (Not going to.) If so, someone can just do a "spoiler" reply and tell me what they are.
  12. Thank you sir... and no, I don't have a stupid gold necklace hanging around either. And I'm at the part where Redbeard disguises you for theTawon meeting so I'll have to do it before that, which means randomly wandering locations I've been through till I find one. Anyone know a spot for a necklace? (I do have a longbow for #3)
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