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Avernum 3: Move Mountains 3 conundrum

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Hi all-


I have tried looking through the previous messages regarding Move Mountains level 3 and Avernum 3.  I figured I will post a question before I just give up and move on to a different game.


So far, I have defeated the slime plague and the cockroach plague.   After the slime plague, I was able to report to Mazumdar, Berra and Anaxaimander to move ahead.   After destroying the filth factory, Berra still won't let me move ahead and I can't get Move Mountains 3 in Fort Emergence.   It seems like I need to have that level 3 spell in order to complete the Giant-Troglodyte quest as well as to get into the guarded tunnel (across the bridge).


I am not sure if I forgot to get the evidence in Filth Factory.  I thought I did but Berra still says that I do not have evidence. And, I can't get evidence for another plague without move mountains it seems. 


Any thoughts on where else I might be able to get this spell???  Any cheat codes?




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Mazumdar is the one you need to go back to for permission to get the level 3 spell book access after first Berra for evidence and Anaximander for quest completion. The later games are very picky about doing things in a specific order.


You need the evidence from a plague so the Slime Pit quest would have worked as well and you can always go back there for the evidence (Erka's Rune in room by boss monster) if you missed it the first time.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Oops, too late. :)

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Hello AdventureDarg,


In addition to Randomizer’s comments, I just wanted to clarify something else.


Avernum 3 is quite lenient when it comes to high levels of spells like Move Mountains and Dispel Barrier. There is no place in Avernum 3 where Level 3 Move Mountains is mandatory, and you will never be blocked from continuing the game if you do not have this spell. All you will miss out on are item caches, and shortcuts around difficult locations and challenging fights.


If it looks like your progress is being stopped by rocks or other objects that you can’t destroy, have a closer look around the immediate area! There may be hidden switches or levers that open up secret passages, or provide other ways around the obstacle. Alternatively, you may be able to use other objects already present in the location to help you proceed. There are a few examples of this in the Troglodyte/Giant quest, for instance, but I don’t think they’re required to proceed.


For what it’s worth, I completed the Troglodyte/Giant quest without Level 3 Move Mountains, so I can assure you that it’s possible!


If you have further problems, or if there’s a particular set of stones you can’t find a way past, do let us know. We’re happy to help, and if an obstacle is stopping you from enjoying the game, we want to help you get past it!


On another note, it seems you accidentally posted this topic twice. Just to make sure all your replies are in once place, I’ve removed the duplicate post.

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