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Easier playing newer games.

Arch-Mage Solberg

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On 3/1/2022 at 11:29 PM, stilltim said:


Agreed. Jeff seems to tinker with mechanics from game to game and make them look and sound much better. But, the oldest Spiderweb games I've played still have similar play to the newest. I don't think he's dumbed them down at all.

For the record, all I said was "economically motivated". Others have added some sort of negative value to that statement, but none existed in my statement, nor was one intended to be inferred. All good business people adjust their offering to be of interest to a wider array of consumers. It's just smart business. I'm talking about auto-map, not about changing "area of effect" spells. The difference is user interface vs game mechanics, are two separate topics. Jeff has been smart to change the UI, and the result has been better sales.

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