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BOA Exodus


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Hello tuntunaxi,

Sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem like this!

I’m afraid I can’t immediately solve your issue – these types of problems are mainly experienced on Windows machines, so as a Mac user I can’t test it out myself. However, I do have a request that might make the scenario designer’s life a little easier, and I also have a suggestion for you.

Could you let us know what version of the scenario you’re using? It should be included in the name of the folder but, if not, check the READ ME file. This will state the version number right at the top.

The most recent version is 1.1.3. If you’re not using this version, I’d suggest that you download 1.1.3 and give it a try. You can find this version here:


Your save files will still work, but be sure to remove the older version of the scenario from the scenario folder. To be on the safe side, you should probably leave and re-enter the River Bank before trying to go any further – otherwise, the scripts might not reset properly.

The reason for suggesting this is that some unhandled exceptions were fixed between versions. It’s possible yours has been caught already – it’s worth a try!

Do keep persevering with this! Exodus is an excellent scenario, and you’re about to witness one of its more iconic moments!

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You definitely need to update to the most recent version. It's likely that this error is caused by some missing code that was added in a later version. Also, I'd probably just restart the scenario; you're very early on and it'll take you just a few minutes to get back to that point.


If that doesn't work, I can help. These unhandled exceptions are the bane of my existence because, as a Mac designer, I can't reproduce them. I need to know exactly what happens right before the crash. There are several steps in that part of the scene: 


1) Legare says "O Goddess, let what you have ordained BE!"

2) A bunch of the land changes

3) A message starting "As you stare on in amazement," pops up.

4) Legare says "DO NOT FEAR," etc.

5) Another message pops up, starting "As the sliths"

6) People disappear.

7) You walk forward.

8) You move to the Parted River.


I need to know exactly when it crashes. For reference, an older version would crash at step 6).

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