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Nathalie's Quest - Hiden treasure


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It’s much simpler than that! After all, this is a location about deception, so it’s best not to always take what you see at face value.


Don’t forget that you can always take objects that are in your field of view, even if there isn’t a direct path between you and them.



So just stand next to the statue and open your inventory. You’ll be able to take the items, even though you can’t get to them! Perhaps Nathalie simply teleports the items to you?


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I don't have Avadon installed on my current computer so I can't easily check this.  Comparing Randomizer's notes and Jerakeen's website, in the trapdoor rooms, Jerakeen shows loot being accessible once the secret door button has been pushed without any more notes and Randomizer's notes match this.  There is another room, at the bottom of the area with the confusing stairs that both Randomizer and Jerakeen note as only being accessible by letting Zhossa live.

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