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Identify this game? [Nostalgia hunt]


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Hello everyone, I'm trying to identify a game I played 15+ years ago!


After much searching & research, I'm absolutely sure it's a Spiderweb game, though I haven't narrowed it down to which one. More specifically, I won't be entirely satisfied until I play the demo of it... because that's all I had back in the day. I downloaded a copy of Avernum 6 and Nethergate and was VERY excited. It may very well be an early version of Nethergate, but I'm hoping someone here can chime in.


This was a demo I desperately wanted to back up, but couldn't, because it was too big for a floppy and I didn't know anything about file packing/splitting then. That computer self destructed like a decade ago (total hard drive failure) and any possible floppies long before that, so my copy is LONG gone. No idea where I got it, but I would easily bet money on the site also being long dead.


What I remember:

-Top down, isometricish visual style, identical to Nethergate/Avernum

-I played as a Roman soldier, not sure if there were other options (it was a freeware demo)

-You could pick up everything. Cups, rags, just absolute garbage for no reason. (again, Nethergate/Avernum staple)

-Towards the bottom of the map, there was a goblin you could play dice with if you talked to him. (One of the enemy types in the game were goblins, so at this point you're accustomed to attacking them on sight.) If you lose enough and wanted your money back, or had just killed him outright, all he has on him are standard goblin drops and the set of dice.

-To the West (maybe North West) the only way to progress is by crossing a bridge. Blocking this bridge was the Demo Dragon, who tells you you've reached the end of the demo and need to buy the full game to go further. You can continue to play as much as you like, just not beyond that bridge.

I did grab a demo off the official site around 6 months ago, but it may be a remake (or at least a different demo) because it had a very similar progression stopper. I think it was a magic bridge? Literally a bottle necked bridge that tells you you've reached the end, please buy the game.


Again, I was ECSTATIC to find Nethergate from a vague childhood memory and actual years of fruitless searching, but (if at all possible) I won't feel entirely validated until I run into that dice goblin & demo dragon again.


Thank you for your time if you read this far! 
Any input would be super appreciated!

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Just came across this thread, via Google: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/14879-avadon-demo-upgrade-bugs/


On 3/27/2001 at 2:12 PM, zzen said:

"I've downloaded Avadon demo, played until I got to entrance of Zhethron's Aerie, got the "Demo Dragon" message...."


So I'm downloading the demo for "Avadon: The Black Fortress" right now, to confirm! 

It's amazing how I keep finding these things only after asking someone directly... On my life, I swear I've Googled everything thoroughly, AND YET orz


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AHHH, you're right, I just completely missed them somehow! Thank you! 😍

Gamblin' Gobbos: https://imgur.com/aogvb3D

I feel like it was just one or two, but that may have been for the demo (or I'm mis-remembering). When I attacked it was a whole pack of them, lol.


Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be seeing the Demo Dragon again, unless I can find an ancient Let's Play for it. I managed to hunt down the original demo, but Windows 10 refuses to run it. 😫Ah well. Resurrection plays just fine!


EDIT: Actually... my mom might have a working XP pc... *fingers crossed*
I'll pop back in a couple days, hopefully with another screenshot and a thousand praises ❤️

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