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Found 8 results

  1. Sound Problems Game- Nethergate: Resurrection Operating System- Windows 10 Bought Through Steam It is not a big problem, but as I notice it more and more, it is grating on me. In the very beginning of the game after you have created your four characters of Romans and you find yourself in your first room with the note, there is a loop of sound with people in the background talking and other noises of every day life. I am hearing static. It is constantly present throughout the loop. Is that normal? Is that the way the game was made? Or did it come
  2. Hello everyone, I'm trying to identify a game I played 15+ years ago! After much searching & research, I'm absolutely sure it's a Spiderweb game, though I haven't narrowed it down to which one. More specifically, I won't be entirely satisfied until I play the demo of it... because that's all I had back in the day. I downloaded a copy of Avernum 6 and Nethergate and was VERY excited. It may very well be an early version of Nethergate, but I'm hoping someone here can chime in. This was a demo I desperately wanted to back up, but couldn't, because it was too big for a
  3. Presumably Jeff must have an Editor for every game he makes, unless he has a 4-digit IQ and does not need one. All he has to do is release the Editor, and maybe its source code too. Jeff could release the Editor as a companion to Geneforge 5. It would use the calls and features of G5. Documentation is apparently not his thing, we could build upon his notes. Alint would need to be updated for the Geneforge world, that is presumably not too hard. I just looked at a G4 script, it was quite intelligible to anyone familiar with BoA. Actual Blades of Geneforge scenarios would not need to be c
  4. Hi everybody. I have a question about recruiting characters in Nethergate Resurrection. I'm currently playing as the Romans and I only have one spell caster. So I'm looking to recruit maybe a Celtic character who can cast more magic. I was wondering, when you recruit characters in the game, do you receive less experience for the amount of characters in your party?
  5. Usually I just post in the old thread. But this one is big: Spiderweb Collection on sale on Steam for $11.99 for total package. Or you can buy the games individually: Avadon The Black Fortress: $1.99 Avadon 2: The Corruption: $4.99 Avernum Escape from the Pit: $1.99 Avernum Pack (A4, A5, and A6): $2.39 Geneforge Saga Pack (G1-G5): $3.99 Nethergate Resurrection: $0.99 http://store.steampowered.com/sub/33525/ Or load up Steam and search for Spiderweb Software. I already have all the games, but good time to introduce some friends to Spiderweb Software.
  6. I've been trying to use some of the walk throughs from online to help when I got stuck or to find out if I'd gotten everywhere that one could go in a particular ethnic group walk through. I discovered that everything I have tried seems to be geared to the original Nethergate & I have the Revised version. The result is that things the walk through says are there, are not there or something else is there. Hidden areas are not there (though in one case, it appears I couldn't get into one area for an extended period of attempts because some nonplayer being, a large formian, was probably bl
  7. Well, I decided to try to finish Nethergate: Resurrection completely vannila (no help from the Character Editor), and I suceeded. The only problem was that another of my goals was to collect all of the elusive and odd Sylak's items... I managed to get most of them (I had to drop off the Cloth and Bricks due to inventory spammage), but I couldn't find the Clever Pen. I eventually found out that I would get it from a goblin chief in a outdoor encounter, but only after the whole "Kill Formorian, Get Pen" quest. To my dismay, it required visiting another goblin village my Celts had already savag
  8. I'm not sure which Spiderweb game I played first. When threads come up asking this question I usually state that I discovered Exile 3 and Nethergate at pretty much the same time, and played them both constantly for a good few months. I completed the demo version of Exile 3 at least three times - finding enough things to do until the Tower of Magi incident on each occasion - and I more or less fell in love with Nethergate. I went crazy for these games, but whenever I tried to work out just when exactly I started playing I always drew a blank. Now, my memories of that time are really clear.
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