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Avadon Demo Upgrade Bugs?


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I've downloaded Avadon demo, played until I got to entrance of Zhethron's Aerie, got the "Demo Dragon" message, decided I liked the game, went to App Store (wanted auto-updates, transferring between computers I own etc) and bought it. That's when the problems started:


#1 - all my saved games are gone. All the time playing the demo version - up in smoke. Well, I poked around and it turns out my saved games are still sitting in ~/Documents/Spiderweb Software/Avadon Saved Games, however the full version expects them in ~/Library/Application Support/Spiderweb Software/Avadon Saved Games. I copied the saved games over manually and all seems to work. Please fix this for others though - highly stressful and non-intuitive.


#2 - I'm in Kwa Lands. I can continue west to Zhetron's Aerie or east back to the city (as I could in the demo game), but the exits to the north and south from Kwa Lands still don't show any new accessible areas - just as it was during the demo game. I expected that once the game is registered, I will have access to these exits.


Please help. Is there anything else special I need to do to continue my demo saved game in the full AppStore-purchased version?



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The App Store version and our version are different programs for different systems, so not everything they do will always be compatible. I'm glad you were able to work around the situation, but some things are forced onto us by Apple's requirements. Copying over the saved games as you did should work fine.


Talk to Zhethron to learn where to go next, and that area will appear on your world map.


- Jeff Vogel

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Thanks for reply Jeff. Wasn't aware AppStore Avadon wasn't compatible with the direct download version.


Talking to Zhethron really reveled the new location. Sorry for the newbie question. It was a bit confusing, compared to how Geneforge series worked.

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