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Castle Andesite underground room key


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I'm currently in Castle Andesite; my party has killed every creature in there and searched everything that could be searched (I don't think I missed something). They are currently underground; there there is a room that cannot be opened if they don't have the key and the key seems to be nowhere to be found.


If they leave the Castle and enter it again, some of the creatures have respawned, which means that the real boss is not dead yet; it's probably hiding in that locked room. Does anybody know where I can find that key?


Please post your answer within spoilers tags, thank you! :)



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5 hours ago, Davies said:


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In order to get the key, you have to accept the Aesfeth Ten-Fingers quest and then interact with the strangest thing in the castle.


Thank you. :)



So, for now I cannot do anything; I must leave the place find this Aesfeth Ten-Fingers and come back. And I'll have to kill every monster again...  Sigh. :(

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