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King Borgen Bug?


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I've got a letter from Istara of Sliven stating that the Ukatish are their cultural equals. (I can see in my Special Items list: "Letter from the Ahriel".)

I have previously sent the dragon away and reported that success to Borgen.


I only need to do two tasks to make them my vassals.


But for some reason I don't get a dialogue option to GIVE him the letter!


I can go through the dialogue tree and agree to make them favored vassals, and then the quest advances.


So, I presume this is some fun bug? Anything else I should try, or anybody else seen this?

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6 hours ago, Lattan said:

I definitely thought I got to pick one of them.


This is indeed what you need to do – Randomizer is incorrect on this occasion. All you need to do to complete this portion of King Borgen's demands is to get a letter from one of the other vassal states.


Unfortunately, I believe you've stumbled across a bug. I think the flags of the dragon and the letter quest are interfering with each other. If you still have your saved game from before you've spoken to the King, you could help me verify this. Go to the King and, before you speak to him, press shift and d. This will bring up a little text input box. Type in this:


sdf 30 17 0


Then speak to the King. If I'm right, you'll then be able to give him the letter and proceed as normal. In that case, of course, feel free to continue with your game! This code will not affect your ability to obtain achievements.


If this doesn't work, let me know! I might still be able to hunt down what the problem is.

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